Best Foot Massagers in India – May, 2023

Best foot massager in India – Buying Guide

Here are the key points that you need to consider while buying a foot massager in India:

Purpose of Using

The first thing that you need to do is to recognize your purpose of buying the foot massager. Are you using it for relaxation or is it for doing therapy?

It all depends on your purpose and your purchase should be done accordingly, otherwise, you would be wasting your money without fulfilling your requirements for the foot massager.

Type of Massagers

Once you have identified your purpose for buying a foot massager, then you have to select the right foot massager for yourself. The market is full of different types of foot massagers, here is the list to choose from:

  • Manually operated massagers

These foot massagers are made using an organic material such as wood, and they come in small and compact form factors. Most of them have spikes rollers that are rolled under the feet to provide relief, and these are the most affordable massagers that are suitable for problems like muscle pain, cramps, plantar fasciitis, etc. These are reliable and they have good durability with high strength and pressure withstanding capabilities.

  • Electrically operated massagers

These foot massagers are operated via electricity, although they follow the same concept of rolling under the feet to provide relief and relax the stressed muscles using massage.

The foot massager machine produces vibrations using the rollers that address the common pain points such as feet soles, ankles, and feet. These are available in a lot of form factors like a hand-held, chair massager, in-feet massager. Also, these massagers come with a lot of advanced features such as heated massages, spa massages(using water) that help in the relaxation of the feet.

Overall, the electric foot massages are great for stress relieving and they are more powerful and effective than manual foot massagers, but all these come with the extra upfront investment.

  • Infrared massagers

The infrared foot massagers use the infrared rays to give relief from pain and relax your muscles. These are used by athletes, especially runners because these are perfect for massaging the calf muscles and the upper foot area.

  • Shiatsu massagers

These massagers are inspired by the Japanese kneading method which is called shiatsu. These foot massagers give intense massages that are focused on specific pressure points in your foot, all these are achieved using heating elements, vibrations, and rotating heads that massage and provide relief to your foot.

The Design

The design of the foot massager depends on your preference.

Mostly there are two types of designs popular in foot massagers i.e. open design and the closed design. The main difference between these two is that in the open design, your feet would rest on a deck that gives you the message, whereas the closed designs completely cover your feet during the massage.

In reality, every food has a unique feature and construction. So, you have to choose the best foot massager that fits your feet without feeling uncomfortable because there are chances that you might have to put your feet in the massager for 20-30 minutes.


Foot massagers are available at different prices, and the key factor for these prices is the features that are packed inside a foot massager.

The more features a foot massager provides, the pricier it gets!

Therefore, to buy the right foot massager, you have to check that it comes with all the features that you want in your foot massager, and then you can buy your foot massager.

Ease of Use & maintenance

A foot massager should be easy to use because it does not matter whether the user is tech-savvy, and everyone should be able to use it, as several foot massagers have complex operations.

Just imagine that when a person is in pain, then he should not require the product manual to get relieved from pain.

A foot massager should have simple controls with the necessary buttons and switches to start the foot massager. Also, you should give preference to all the foot massagers that come with remote control.

Apart from being easy to use, the best foot massager should be easy to maintain as well. The machine should be easy to clean, and you should prefer machines that feature detachable parts that can be removed and cleaned thoroughly. Keeping the machine clean is crucial for good hygiene and the long life of the foot massager.


This point is very important for all the travelers or people who want to carry their foot massager with them and get instant relief from the pain and muscle stress.

Mostly all the manual foot massagers have good portability, and you can easily carry them around with you. But, some of the electric foot massagers can be heavy to carry and use during frequent travels.

Also, many advanced foot massagers require additional things such as water, rotating heads(for different massages), and this might make it difficult for you to carry around, so make sure that you check the weight, dimensions, and accessories before buying a foot massager.

Build quality

Foot massagers with high build quality are durable, and they last long. Most massagers from the big brands come with high build quality.

But some of them are a bit overpriced, but you have to make sure that you buy a high-quality foot massager at the right price. One good metric for identifying the build-quality and durability is the warranty period.

The warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in its product, so the longer the warranty period, the better!

Keep an eye on the warranty period, as there are massagers that are available with a lifetime warranty period as well!