Best Food Processors in India – April, 2023

Best Food Processor In India – Buying Guide

The invention of a food processor has made kitchen chores easy. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time chopping, mincing, or grinding vegetables and other ingredients. This wonderful appliance works like magic and does all the cutting and other applications like the back of its hand. Considering the multifunctional nature of a food processor, many people have already started investing in the same.

A food processor is superior to a grinder in all the senses. This is because it comes with interchangeable blades and you can use different blades for cutting, chopping, and grinding different fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the motor of a food processor is more powerful than that of a mixture or grinder. This makes a food processor an important addition to your kitchen.

You can consider the following factors while buying the best food processor:

Which size to buy? – Large, small, or medium?

The first point to decide while shopping for a food processor is the size of the appliance. Like all the electronic appliances, the food processor, too, comes in varied sizes. You can choose the size depending upon the size of your family and the variety of dishes that you cook every day.

A food processor with a small bowl of 1-2 liters is apt for a small family. A medium-sized food processor comprises a bowl larger than 1-2 liters. This makes a good choice for a family of 3-5 members.

If you live in a joint family and cook many dishes at a time, make a large-sized food processor your go-to option. This processor comes with a large bowl of 3-4 liters. Not only this, a large-sized food processor has more advanced features when compared to a smaller food processor.

A large-sized food processor comes with more than 10 attachments. Thus, you can imagine the kind of multitasking that you can do with this food processor.

A speedy food processor to save you time

The operation of a food processor is as it is speedy which helps to save you a lot of time. The multitasking feature is a bonus point of this appliance. Thus, apart from chopping, cutting, and grinding vegetables and fruits, a food processor can also be used for whipping creams and beating eggs. For this purpose, you need to choose a speedy food processor over a regular model.

The advanced versions of a food processor come with different speed options. A 3-speed setting of a processor makes the best choice if you want to use your device for more than grinding, chopping, and cutting. With a speedy food processor, you can carry out other functions such as whipping, beating, and mincing the food as well.

Power consumption of the food processor

Never overlook power consumption while investing in a food processor. This is because if your food processor consumes more power than necessary, you will bear an unwanted expenditure on your electricity bills. Do not waste your money and check for the power consumption of the appliance before buying the same.

A standard food processor comes with a 600-watt motor. This should be your minimum requirement while looking for a food processor. If you are looking forward to buying a more advanced device, do not choose a food processor comprising more than a 1000-watt motor.

An automatic shut-off feature of the food processor is another pointer that you must include in your buying guide of a food processor.

Sharp blades for the easy processing of your food

Imagine investing a great amount of money in buying a food processor and then finding out that its blades aren’t sharp enough! You can avoid this situation by learning about the blade types of a food processor:

  • Sabatier blades are made in stainless steel and are considered a decent option.
  • Another type of blades that a food processor comprises are rubber blades. These blades aren’t very sharp.
  • Metal blades are considered the sharpest blades in a food processor. Apart from being sharp, these blades are safe to use. You can perform a variety of functions with metal blades including shredding and slicing the food.
  • Do not invest in slicing discs made in plastic with metal inserts as they lose their sharpness over time.

Safety features to consider while buying a food processor

The best food processor is the one that is safe to use. Your appliance must comprise a safety lock feature. This kind of feature makes sure that no accident or mishap happens when using the processor. The bowl is fixed so strongly to the base that it doesn’t malfunction.

A good food processor must also comprise a leak-proof jar with a rubber gasket so that all your ingredients do not leak while making different chutneys, dips, smoothies, and juices. The food processors of all the top brands come with a safety lock feature and a leak-proof jar. Thus, buying your device from these brands is a great idea.

A good food processor is easy to clean

Cleaning and maintaining your food processor are other important aspects that you must pay attention to when shopping for the same. The food processor must be easy to clean. The complicated structure of the appliance makes it very difficult to wash and maintain.

Thus, always look for a simple and straightforward design to save your time and effort. Your appliance must have enough space so that you can reach all its parts to clean it thoroughly.

A food processor must be dishwasher safe. The concept of manual washing of utensils and appliances has become outdated. Many homes have installed a dishwasher in their kitchen. So, why wash your processor manually when it can be put in a dishwasher for a clean and safe washing?

You will find all the above-listed features if you buy your food processor from a reputed brand. Many leading brands are selling their products like hotcakes throughout the online and offline platforms. You can buy the best food processor belonging to any price range after comparing these brands. All these brands ensure that the food processor is high in quality and efficiency in terms of use. All the reputed and renowned brands also extend a warranty of one or two years on their appliance. Some brands extend a remarkable after-sales service as well.