Best Flute For Beginners in India – May, 2023

Best Flute For Beginners In India – Buying Guide

One of the most melodious instruments that any person would like to learn is a flute. The euphony that the flute creates is beyond beauty. Imagine a musical evening where the flutist plays his flute and produces some of the most enchanting notes!

Such a pleasant ambiance may as well urge you to buy the best flute from the market and begin playing it. A flute is a popular Indian instrument, and its significance has been mentioned in various mythologies.

Is it tough to learn a flute?

According to various musicians, a flute is an easy-going instrument to learn. The use of this musical instrument is closely related to the human voice. Learning flute requires proper breathing techniques and breathing support in the first place. It is further followed by buying the best bansuri. After this, you need to get in touch with an expert who may educate you about the details involved in learning the flute such as different scales of flute, the right flute scale for beginners, etc.

Looking forward to buying the best flute for beginners? Here is our buying guide that will help you make the right choice:

Different types of flutes

Just like any other musical instrument, a flute, too, comes in different kinds.

  • Fipple Flutes:

These flutes comprise a duct that produces different kinds of sound when you set out to play the same. The sound produced by the fipple flutes is similar to that of a recorder, whistle, tin whistle, tonette, etc.

  • Transverse Flutes:

These flutes are blown on the sides. Such flutes include a hole at the side of the tube that produces sound. Examples of transverse flutes are kaval, piccolo, dizi, bansuri, kaval, dansoney, etc.

As far as the types of flutes in India is concerned, they are of two types – Bansuri and Pullanguzhal (Venu). The use of the former is prevalent in North Indian music, and the latter is popular in playing traditional South Indian Carnatic music. Most Indian flutes are made using bamboo and as a beginner buying such flutes makes the best choice.

Which scale flute is the best for beginners?

Being a beginner, you must educate yourself about different kinds of scales that a flute is played on before buying one for use. The major scales in a flute are mostly happy-sounding scales and are constructed on the pattern of T tones and S semitones.

A flute could be played on 12 major scales. The simplest major scale is C major. C scale flute is the best way to start learning this instrument. As you start practicing it, you may further polish your skill by working on the other notes as well.

C major is the most common Indian flute scale that doesn’t include any sharp or flats in the key signature, hence perfect for beginners to begin with. You may further move upward and try out learning the flute at different ranges such as C scale middle, E scale, etc. Some people also recommend the beginners to start with a G scale flute.

The flutists may as well urge you to keep the tone of the device modulated to the right frequency. It may help you in hearing the euphonious sound that you are expecting while playing the Bansuri.

Check the material of the flute

A flute is made in a variety of materials such as silver, sterling silver, metal, wood, etc. A bamboo flute makes the best choice for all the beginners to start with. But do you know not all the flutes are made using bamboo, and you may choose different alternatives as well?

Some of the flutes are colored to look similar to bamboo, and you must not get fooled by the same. Always dig into the material of the flute before you buy it for your learning sessions. Some of the most common materials of an Indian flute apart from bamboo include PVC and PVC fiber.

If you are buying a flute made in PVC, there is an advantage. It wouldn’t have the effect of the season; hence you may end up playing your flute any time, during all the seasons. Another plus point of buying a PVC flute is that it is long-lasting and doesn’t get damaged very easily.

But when it comes to effective learning and creating the desired sound, nothing beats a bamboo flute. Apart from producing an efficient sound on all the scales, bamboo flutes are very durable.

Choose the right-sized flute

Factually speaking, the flute doesn’t come in different sizes. It is the composition of this musical instrument that helps to distinguish it from one size to the other. Being a beginner, you must start learning the flute with a curved head joint. This size of the flute brings the keys closer to the body, hence reducing the unwanted stretch.

For all the beginners aged between 5-7 years, an Apprentice flute is the right size. You may as well replace the Apprentice flute with a fife. Both these instruments are known as mini flutes.

Know the price

Silver flutes are the most expensive to buy. On the contrary, bamboo flutes do not cost you a bomb; however, it is still necessary to get yourself acquainted with the price of the flutes available throughout the market. The price of the flutes may also vary in terms of their overall quality, size, as well as the brand name.

When it comes to the C-scale flute price in India, you may buy it at a throwaway price. C-scale flutes are available at a nominal range between Rs.500-700 respectively. Some high-end models may cost you Rs. 1500-2000, depending upon the quality of the material and the brand name.

The above-listed buying guide for the best flute in India encourages the use of bamboo flutes for all beginners. You can stumble upon the best bamboo flutes on various offline and online platforms. Online platforms sell this device in various flute brands. Before you add any item to the cart, we advise you to research enough about the brand name, the quality of the instrument, and buy one according to your requirement.