Best Floor Cleaning Mops in India – May, 2023

Best Floor Cleaning Mops In India – Buying Guide

If you are struggling with the task of mopping the floor using the old traditional method, you need to invite a change. Ditch the bucket and a mopping cloth and buy a floor cleaning mop instead. This innovation is serving manifold advantages to everyone. You can now stand and mop the floor without putting in a lot of effort.

house cleaning mop is a must-have for all homes. This product helps to remove all kinds of dirt and germs from the floor. It sanitizes the floor properly, hence, making your surroundings more hygienic. The regular use of the best mop cleaner also makes the floor clean and shiny in the long run.

Gone are the days when you would sit down and mop the floor and hurt your legs. The best floor cleaning mop works well on all kinds of surfaces such as laminate, concrete, wood, stone, marbles, ceramic, and tiles. The process of using a mop is very effortless. You are merely required to dip the mop in the bucket full of water and disinfectant. Squeeze extra water off the mop and rub it on the floor to wipe off dirt and grime.

Different kinds of floor cleaning pochas are available throughout the market. Learn about them to make the right choice:

Types of Floor Cleaning Mops

  • Flat Mops

A flat mop includes a flat rectangular head comprising disposable or reusable pads. It is the most common type of mop used in a majority of households. A flat mop is ideal for cleaning all the small spaces. It is available on a wide variety of platforms at very nominal prices.

  • Sponge Mops

Sponge mops are ideal for cleaning all kinds of smooth surfaces. They are easy to use. But they may require a great deal of maintenance. The drawback of using such mops is that they may start smelling bad over time because of the accumulation of bacteria in the sponge.

  • Magic Mops

It is the most popular type of mop that you may want to bring home. A magic mop is very easy to use. It comes with a spinner head and a spinning bucket. These are the cleaning mops with spin and dry technology. The hands-free system of this mop lets you dehydrate it without using your hands. Magic mops are a little pricey when compared to the other mops; however, worth every penny.

  • Dust Mops

These mops can be used on dry surfaces only. You may replace your broom with these mops for removing all kinds of solid dust particles. Apart from being used in household operations, the use of such mops is very popular in public places.

  • String Mops

They are a traditional version of a mop that comes with a long handle and cotton strings. These mops are perfect to mop all the dirty surfaces as they have an incredible absorbing capacity. They perform well on all kinds of floors. The only drawback of using these mops is that they are hard to clean and even harder to dry.

  • Steam Mops

It is the most advanced version of a cleaning mop. Apart from removing the dirt and grime from the floor, these mops also help to disinfect the floor. These mops make use of electricity to function. When you turn on the power, the water inside the device turns into steam. It further helps to disinfect the floor. The use of steam mops is common in hotels.

Choose the mop according to the type of floor

Not all types of mops are suitable to clean all kinds of floors. It is pertinent to understand the mechanism of the mop and whether it could be used on the floor of your home or not. Always buy a floor cleaning mop after considering the floor type:

  • If your home has tile flooring, pick from the options such as a spin mop, steam mop, or sponge mop. Even a magic mop can clean such a floor effortlessly.
  • If your home has stone flooring, you can use any mop. Always begin by cleaning the floor with a dry mop and then use any of the above-listed mops to clean it with water.
  • Concrete flooring is prone to a lot of dirt. Such flooring also needs to be sanitized now and then. Hence, choose a steam mop to clean such a floor.
  • For all the floors that are laminated or wooden, a microfiber mop could be used to clean them properly. A string mop is also suitable for such floors as they do not need an excessive amount of water for cleaning.
  • A vinyl flooring requires a microfiber or sponge mopping. Even steam mopping is ideal for such surfaces.

Check the accessories available with the mop

When it comes to accessories, a magic mop has an edge over others. A magic mop is usually accompanied by the accessories such as a bucket, extra refills, and a drainage outlet. A steam mop, too, comes with some accessories that help it to function efficiently. Other types of mops only include some extra refills.

Buy an extendable mop handle for a better utility

A mop with an extendable handle could be utilized by one and all. Such a mop can be adjusted according to the height of a person. Such a mop also includes a sturdy steel wringer and a full-movement (360 degrees) that enables an effortless mopping session.

Inspect the rotation of the mop

Mop rotation is an important feature that should not be overlooked while buying a floor cleaning pocha. Some mops include a 180-degree rotation while others come with a 360-degree rotation. The benefit of the latter over the former is that you can clean the edges and the corners of the floor easily with this feature. A 180-degree rotation mop provides a partial cleaning.

Bucket handle – a cherry on the cake

A mop with a bucket handle is the easiest to use. You can lift the bucket easily and take it anywhere along with the mop. Some mops even include wheels below the bucket.

Other factors that you may add into your buying guide of the floor mop are mop stick price, easy cleaning, easy drying, and easy storage.