Best Fitness Trackers in India – April, 2023

Best Fitness Trackers – Buying Guide

Consider the following points before buying a fitness tracker in India:

1.) Style and Form factor

The first thing you need to consider is the form factor, which depends on your personal choice.

What style of fitness band that you like to wear, do you like the watch styling, or you want the traditional bar form factor?

The choice is yours!

Ensure that you select a fitness band that feels comfortable while wearing, as you are going to wear and track your progress throughout the day.

2.) Identify your activity type

The first thing that you need to do while considering a fitness band is to identify your purpose for buying a fitness band, as there are different kinds of fitness bands available.

For instance, if you are into running, then consider a fitness tracker with an inbuilt GPS that shows walking/running distance. Similarly, if you like swimming, then you should choose a waterproof fitness band.

Here are the fitness trackers that you can buy according to your fitness level:

– A basic fitness tracker (Ideal for running, walking, hiking)

A basic fitness tracker is the most commonly sold bands, and it  features a GPS tracker that is capable of:

Step counting: A basic fitness band should count all the steps that walk throughout the day.
Distance: Using its inbuilt GPS, a basic fitness band should be able to track the distance that you cover throughout the day.

Climb: This is useful while hiking, where a basic fitness band counts all the steps taken during a climb or a hiking session.

– Fitness sleep trackers

These are the basic fitness trackers capable of tracking your daily hours of sleep, and such fitness trackers are suitable for people who want to improve their sleep.

Most fitness sleep trackers show the hours of deep sleep that ensure that you get the right amount and quality of sleep every day.

– Fitness bands with heart rate monitoring

These are the basic fitness bands with a special feature of heart rate monitoring. These fitness bands are suitable for people who want to keep track of their heart rate and take their medications accordingly.

Also, these are great for people who do HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Cardio) that focuses on increasing heart rate to boost metabolism and burn fat.

– All in one fitness bands with special features

These are the fitness bands that have all the features, including step count, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, distance tracking; along with these features, they have a calorie counter, mobile call, message alerts, scheduled alarms, etc. Hence, these are called the all in one fitness bands.

3.) Budget

A good quality fitness band starts from a price of INR 2000 and then the price goes up as per the features provided.

Like every other purchase, you need to decide your budget, and then you can shortlist the right fitness band that suits your goals and provides all the features you want within your budget.

4.) Accurate results

Apart from having all the features, it should record your activities and show accurate results. Many fitness bands, especially cheap ones, show inaccurate results, and the results shown are not precise. Therefore, make sure that the fitness band shows the right results for heart rate monitors, step counting, etc.

5.) Battery

A simple fitness band has the biggest battery backup that goes up to weeks, whereas a fitness band with high-quality displays like an AMOLED display may give you less battery life.

The battery backup depends on the size of the battery that is used in the fitness band. Also, some fitness bands come with replaceable coin batteries like the ones that are used in calculators and watches.

6.) Charging speed

The charging speed depends on the technology that is used for charging the battery of the fitness band.

Some fitness bands come with a docking charger that requires the band to be placed on the charger, and then it charges the band, which is fast-charging in most cases. Also, some fitness bands can be charged via a Micro-USB cable using an adapter, laptop, or anywhere a USB can be plugged-in.

7.) Display

Many fitness bands come with a small unicolor TFT display that shows all the information like steps, calories, call alerts, etc.

Whereas there are fitness bands that come with bigger and superior displays such as LCD, LED, and AMOLED, etc. All these fitness bands have immersive displays that generate punchy colors, and this allows them to show details such as messages, music, and they sync with
your phones.

In an ideal scenario, you should always buy the ones with a bigger and sharp display that shows crisp graphics along with all the information that you need to access via your fitness band.

Keep in mind that along with a bigger and better display, the price will increase as well. But, in case if you are low on budget, then you can buy a basic TFT display that shows all the required details and get the job done!

8.) Compatibility

A fitness band has to be compatible with your phone and pc. Most fitness bands employ Bluetooth to connect to your phone/pc and show results to you via an App that can be installed on your smartphone/pc.

Also, some fitness bands connect via your phone’s operating system. So, some of them are compatible with Android and IOS, and they are compatible with devices that use these OS.

Therefore, make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth and OS version and work effectively.