Best Electric Kettles in India – May, 2023

Best Electric Kettle – Buying Guide

Electric kettle makes a good choice of appliance for everyone who drinks green tea and black coffee more than once a day. You can boil your water in seconds using an electric kettle. Now you don’t have to go all the way to your kitchen to fetch boiled water. Simply keep an electric kettle in your room and you can utilize it any time you want.

An electric kettle is an advanced electric appliance that helps you boil water immediately. This device doesn’t consume a lot of energy, hence, makes a good investment for your room/kitchen. You can find a plethora of electric kettles throughout the market. All of them come in different shapes and sizes and extend various functions.

Here is how you can choose the best electric kettle for your home:

The material of the electric kettle

Earlier kettles were made only with plastic. However, with the advancement in science and technology, you will come across electric kettles made in different materials. Out of all these materials, plastic is the least recommended. The only advantage of buying a plastic electric kettle is that the plastic wouldn’t heat up from the outside. Having said that, you must cut down the use of your plastic to a minimum and pick some better alternatives instead.

A stainless-steel electric kettle makes the most popular choice in the market. The popularity of steel kettles is incredible to the extent that you will find such kettles in the hotel rooms and restaurants as well. Stainless-steel kettles are easy-going and long-lasting.

A glass kettle looks aesthetically appealing and is a good choice for people who are very particular about aesthetics. These kettles are available in diverse shapes and sizes. But you should never invest in a glass electric kettle if you have kids or pets in your home.

When you begin exploring different varieties of electric kettles in the market, you will also come across the options such as smart kettles, multiple-temperature kettles, as well as hard-water kettles. A smart kettle comprises many smart features. You can even operate this kettle from your smartphones. If you are looking forward to buying this kettle, get ready to exceed your budget.

As the name suggests, a hard-water kettle can even boil hard water with great ease. Thus, this is the best option if you live in an area of hard water supply.

A reasonable capacity for the most efficient use

Always buy an electric kettle with a reasonable capacity for non-stop use. You would not want to see yourself run again and again to pour water in the kettle and to wait for it to boil.

A small-sized kettle is usually not recommended. On the contrary, always invest in a standard-sized kettle so that you could utilize it to the optimum.

The average size of all kinds of electric kettle is 1-2 liters respectively. You can also buy kettles in a larger size, depending upon your requirement.

A noisy electric kettle is a big no

Any noisy electric appliance is a bit turn off. The same rule goes with an electric kettle. You would not want to disturb others by the unwanted noise and sound produced by the electric kettle.

Thus, always buy a kettle that creates minimum to no sound. Almost all the electric kettles produce some sound, you can always choose the one that produces the least noise.

Secondly, check if the beep sound produced by the electric kettle is not so loud. Electric kettles produce a beep sound to signal that the water inside the container has been boiled and is ready to use.

Make sure that the kettle ticks all the safety features

Any electric appliance, big or small must include basic safety features to ensure your safety every time you use them. We all know that electric kettles radiate the heat to the outside while boiling the water. Thus, the first safety feature that you must look for in a kettle is the presence of a handle.

With a handle, you can use your kettle effortlessly, even when it is hot from outside. Some aesthetically appealing designs do not include a handle on the kettle. There is no point in investing in such designs as you wouldn’t be able to use them efficiently.

As you start exploring kettles of different brands, shapes, and sizes, you will come across that the types of handles also vary. Thus, you can pick the most good-looking electric kettle with a visually appealing handle to meet both your requirements.

Some electric kettles are less prone to the heat than others. Always buy such electric kettles over the other alternatives. An automatic shut-off feature is another important specification that you must check to ensure safety. This feature turns off the appliance when it reaches the desired boiling point, hence avoiding accidents and mishaps.

Temperature Settings

Your electric kettle must have a multiple temperature setting. A multiple temperature setting means you can boil your water at different temperatures for different uses.

Apart from being an advanced feature, this feature could also be touted as a safety feature. This is because it lets you boil your water at a considerably lower temperature as well. If your electric kettle doesn’t include a handle, make sure to wait for a couple of minutes before touching.

Always go with the brand name

Whether it is a gadget, apparel, or electric appliance, a good brand always lasts long. A good brand ensures that the quality of the product is superior. Thus, never buy a generic electric kettle when you can invest in a branded one.

Today, the markets are flooded with a multitude of options when it comes to buying an electric kettle. Many leading brands are selling this device at a different price range. You can choose the best appliance after figuring out your requirement, budget, frequency of use, etc.

Buying a branded electric kettle also comes with the advantage of a warranty. When your electric kettle is covered under a warranty, you can get it replaced on the account of any damage.

An electric kettle of a reputed brand also ensures durability. The factors such as durability, stable features, ease of use, ease of cleanliness, safety, etc. can be enjoyed when you buy an electric kettle from a reputed and renowned brand.