Best Dry Irons in India – May, 2023

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Best Steam Irons In India – Buying Guide

We all need a good quality iron in our homes to treat our wrinkled clothes and to make them look crisp and ready to wear.

Iron is one of the most basic requirements, and one must not cut corners in buying the same. The regular use of iron suggests that it should belong of good quality. Here’s how to choose the best Steam iron online

Type of Irons

Gone are the days when you would only find one type of iron in the market. The increasing technology has provided you with many options of iron to choose from. These options vary in terms of the quality, length, looks, size, type, as well as functions of the iron. Here are the common types of irons that you would come across in the Indian markets:

  • Dry Irons:

Dry irons are the most basic as well as common types of irons found in a majority of Indian households. The role of a dry iron is to iron all your clothes effectively and efficiently. Such iron works by heating its soleplate and then pressing your clothes, thereby removing all the wrinkles present on the fabric. If the wrinkles on your clothes are too stubborn, you might need to spray some water and then iron it to get rid of them.

  • Steam Irons:

Now you don’t have to sit with a mug full of water to spray on the fabric while ironing it. Steam iron does the task for you. Steam irons are known to be a more advanced version of an iron that helps you to remove all the stubborn wrinkles on your fabrics, particularly on cotton and linen.

A steam iron comes with a small water tank that produces steam that helps to moisten the clothes while ironing. When you plug in the iron, the heat turns the water into steam that comes out from the steam vents present on the soleplate. The results are perfect. Steam iron is costlier than dry iron.

These days, you may as well find a vertical steam iron that comes with a stand and could be used to iron your clothes vertically. You don’t have to lay down your clothes on an iron table to use this type of iron. Many clothing stores and boutiques use these irons to obtain the perfect crisp finish while showcasing their apparel collection.

  • Portable Irons:

As the name suggests, such irons can be carried from one place to the other. It makes them a smart choice for all the frequent travelers who cannot do without wearing ironed clothes. The lightweight and small size of these irons could easily help you in packing them in your bag. These irons are available in both forms – dry and steam, and you may buy the desired one at the most competitive prices.

  • Cordless Iron:

These irons do not have a cord attached to them. Thus, you don’t have to find the socket and switchboard, again and again, to press your clothes anymore. These irons come with a long-lasting battery. All you are expected to do is to charge these batteries from time to time. They are smart and work quite effectively. Just like the portable irons, these irons, too, could be your travel partner.

How To Buy The Best Iron In India?

Different factors are required to be taken into consideration while buying different kinds of iron. We have listed down some of the important pointers that you must observe while shopping for the best steam iron/dry iron in India.

Different types of Soleplate

Whether it is a dry iron or steam iron, a soleplate is the most important part of the iron and you must learn about different types of soleplates to make the best choice. The role of a soleplate in iron is to generate heat. They have a flat structure and a wide design. Upon switching on the iron, the heat is radiated through the soleplate which is further responsible for pressing your clothes perfectly.

A soleplate of the iron is made in a variety of materials. Here is an insight into different kinds of soleplates and their benefits:

  • Aluminum:

Iron with the aluminum soleplate is the cheapest variant available in the market. Experts usually do not recommend buying this type of iron as they do not deliver a good performance. If an aluminum soleplate is heated too much, it may as well burn your fabric. Thus, you must be meticulous while handling such soleplate.

  • Non-stick soleplate:

As the name suggests, a non-stick material is coated on the plate. Such irons do not burn your clothes; hence, you can use them effectively.

  • Ceramic:

The ceramic coating on the iron doesn’t let you burn your clothes when you are pressing them. Apart from avoiding the burning of clothes, a ceramic soleplate in iron helps to remove static. Thus, you can iron your clothes more effectively and obtain the perfect results. Many brands have made such soleplate available in their irons. An iron having a ceramic soleplate is a go-to option among a majority of people.

  • Stainless steel:

A soleplate made in stainless steel offers you a smooth ironing experience. This could be best used to remove all the stubborn creases and wrinkles. Unfortunately, not many brands in India produce the irons with a stainless-steel soleplate.

While choosing the right kind of soleplate, you must as well consider the overall size of the soleplate. A smaller soleplate would take more time to heat up whereas a larger soleplate will get heated up quickly and deliver the desired performance.

The wattage of the iron

As you use an iron daily, you must pay attention to the overall wattage as well as the power consumption of the appliance. A good-quality iron delivers excellent performance at 1500-1600 watts. If you want your iron to give out more superior performance, you may opt for an iron that could deliver a performance of 1800-watts. But at the same time, you must make sure that the iron doesn’t consume a lot of power. Thus, always look for an energy-efficient appliance to fulfill both purposes.

Temperature control system

The temperature control system of an iron lets you iron your fabrics at diverse temperature settings. Different kinds of textiles need different temperature settings. You cannot iron a delicate fabric like chiffon and georgette at a high temperature. Similarly, fabrics such as cotton, blended cotton, and linen may require a higher temperature to remove the deep wrinkles.

Whether you are buying a dry iron or steam iron, make sure that it comes with varied temperature settings. The most basic version of iron includes three settings, namely, high, medium, and low. Some of the advanced irons include different types of settings for varied fabrics. Experts recommend buying the latter models as you may be able to iron a variety of fabrics and apparel at different temperatures.

Automatic shut-off feature

An automatic shut-off feature could be termed as one of the most important features, and you must include it in your buying guide by all means. An automatic shut-off feature is a safety option that shuts off the iron automatically after the appliance reaches a particular temperature and gets heated up sufficiently. Thus, even if you have forgotten to put off the main switch, this option will prevent the further heating of the soleplate, thereby preventing the major accident of catching fire.

All the advanced models of iron include this feature, and you must buy such models to ensure the safety of you as well as your family members. Unfortunately, this feature is not available with all the steam irons. Thus, when you buy such iron, check particularly for this feature and pick the right model.

Buy an iron with a bigger cord length

Many people overlook this feature while buying an iron for daily use. However, this factor should not be ignored as it only adds up to your convenience. If the socket is not accessible enough, you may have to adjust your iron table now and then. You do not have to face such hassle if you invest in an iron with a bigger cord length.

A bigger cord length of iron makes it user-friendly. You may use it anywhere you want without bothering about the socket or the plug. While choosing an iron with a bigger cord length, pay attention to the material of the cord. Always buy a retractable cord as it is flexible and doesn’t bend so easily. The ideal cord length of an iron extends up to 1.83 meters.

Choose one with a lightweight

Some people find ironing their clothes a task. It is because their iron is heavyweight that makes it difficult for them to use it efficiently. Thus, the weight of the appliance must be a consideration so that you could use it freely and do not find ironing your clothes a tedious task. Many lightweight models of iron are available in the market. The lightweight of iron is equal to its user-friendliness.

Factors to consider while buying a steam iron

There is a big difference between a dry iron box and a steam iron. The popularity of the latter is increasing each day. Do not buy any random steam iron; there are prime factors that make a steam iron an efficient appliance. Consider these factors while buying a steam iron for a daily-use:

  • Production of steam

Your steam iron should be able to produce a considerate amount of steam to deliver an efficient performance. Buy a product that could generate a maximum amount of steam for effortless ironing of your clothes. Check for the level of steam output, compare the models with each other, and then make the right choice. The standard models of a steam iron could produce 200 grams of steam per minute.

  • Check the number of steam vents

The placing and number of steam vents are other foremost considerations to observe when you purchase a steam iron. A majority of steam irons have 20-46 vents on their soleplate. The role of these steam vents is to burst out the steam to further iron your clothes effectively. Buy an iron with the maximum amount of steam. Furthermore, always check the distribution or the placing of the vents on the soleplate. These vents should be placed uniformly. Make sure that there are enough vents on the pointy end of the iron to reach out the areas such as pleats, collars, cuffs, and between the buttons.

  • Adjustable steam settings

Just like the adjustable temperature setting, the steam iron should come with an adjustable steam setting so that you could set it according to your need. Adjusting the level of the steam results in the perfect ironing of your fabrics. The best steam iron in India also includes a feature of anti-drip that avoids the chance of leakage at a low-temperature iron setting.

Always choose a reliable brand name

Regardless of the type of iron that you are buying, the brand name should be a priority. A good brand means an appliance with all the salient features. A good brand of the product also ensures its efficient performance with minimum power consumption. You wouldn’t have to struggle with the issues such as accidents or burning of clothes as a good-quality iron will ensure you all the important as well as advanced features.

Furthermore, the top brands of iron also extend a warranty up to 1-3 years under which you may get your appliance replaced in case of any damage. Thus, you may enjoy all the perks such as advanced features, energy-efficiency as well as warranty when you buy the iron from a leading brand.

All the top brands are selling the steam as well as the best dry irons in India at competitive prices. You may check the price, look for the key features, and buy the desirable product after considering your budget. You may as well shop for the best irons in India from the leading online platforms. Always read the reviews and the testimonials of the customers when you buy the iron from an online platform.