Best Dosa Tawa in India – May, 2023

Best Dosa Tawa In India – Buying Guide

Q – How do you start your morning well?

A – With a crispy dosa on your plate.

Dosa is one of the most loved Indian cuisines and its craze and popularity are not only restricted to South India but the whole of the country. In fact, this crepe-like dish is gaining popularity globally where it is consumed by the people at the breakfast.

Whether you are eating dosa for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, one thing is sure – you would never get over its crispy taste. Dosa is a healthy dish savored by one and all. You may even cook it at your home for your daily dose of health and good taste. All you need is a fine dosa Tawa and a good dosa recipe to fulfill the purpose.

Dosas cannot be prepared on a regular pan, you need to buy a dosa Tawa to prepare it perfectly. The markets are full of different varieties of dosa pans.

Read the below-listed buying guide of the best dosa tawa in India before you bring one home:

Different types of Dosa Tawa

While setting out in the markets in the hunt for the best dosa Tawa, you will come across that it comprises different types. The categorization of the pans is solely based upon the material of their construction. Here are the three common types of dosa pans available in the Indian market:

  • Anodized Aluminium Dosa Tawa

Anodization is referred to as a process that makes the use of chemical baths to prepare the surface of the aluminum. This is done to receive an electrical charge that could further increase the thickness of the oxide layer to make the product more durable, harder, and slicker.

A dosa Tawa made using anodized aluminum is the most common buying option if you are looking for something lightweight. This Tawa is vastly available at very nominal prices. However, it is strictly advised not to use this Tawa for the preparation of acidic foods.

  • Non-stick Dosa Tawa

Cooking dosa at home often comes with the struggle of your dosa getting stuck in the pan. Eventually, you fail to attain the right shape of the dosa and your dosa-cooking sessions meet a dead end. You wouldn’t face this issue if you prepare it in a non-stick dosa pan.

A non-stick dosa pan comes with a nonstick coating made in polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) also known as Teflon. This type of coating on the Tawa gives a smooth finish to your dosa without letting it stick to the center or the edges. A nonstick dosa Tawa is a perfect choice for your daily use. You may even use this pan to make other food items including omelets, pancakes, etc.

  • Cast Iron Dosa Tawa:

The third type of popular material used in the construction of a dosa pan is cast iron. Just like a nonstick Tawa, even a cast iron pan is able to develop a nonstick surface. However, preparing dosa on this kind of pan is not so easy as it looks. Only the experts could handle the preparation of a crispy Tawa on such a pan.

You may as well use this pan for frying food. The only drawback of buying a cast iron pan is that it is hard to clean or maintain.

Size of the Dosa Tawa

When it comes to choosing the size of the dosa pan, the ball remains in your court. You may find this product in different sizes throughout the market. The size of a dosa pan usually ranges between 8 inches and 16 inches. A 13-inch dosa pan happens to be an ideal option for many families. You may as well bring a larger size to your home if you have a good hand in preparing dosas.

Choose the right thickness of the Pan

One of the most important aspects to consider while buying a dosa pan is the thickness of the pan. The thickness of the dosa Tawa has a major role to play in the outcome of your dish. When you buy a pan in a thick base, it prevents heating too quickly. It saves you from burning your dosa.

However, an immensely thick dosa pan would equally create a hassle while cooking the dish. An overall thickness of 3-5mm is the right choice for preparing a perfect dosa. Alongside this, ensure that the pan doesn’t have a concave surface. Flat Tawas make the best choice for easy cooking.

Handles present on the Tawa

Next, check the mode of handling your Tawa. Some of the dosa pans do not include handles at all. It is recommended not to buy such models as you may end up burning your hands while using the pan. A dosa Tawa with handles makes it user-friendly. You could move your Tawa easily while spreading your batter and this may as well save you from burning your hands. The handle of the Tawa must be resistant to heat.

Induction-friendly Dosa Pan

Your dosa Tawa should not only fit the gas stove but induction stoves as well. A majority of people have started using induction cooktops to save gas and energy. If you use an induction cooker more than a gas stove, buying a dosa pan would make a good choice. You may as well use the pan to prepare other meals, and the dosa pan shall serve you all purposes.

Lightweight, Corrosion-resistant dosa pan

If the weight of the dosa pan is your concern, always buy the pan in a smaller size. Furthermore, the material of the product also has a role to play in defining its weight. Aluminum dosa pans are lightweight, hence, easy to handle. Aluminum dosa pans are also a good option to buy if you are looking for a corrosion-resistant Tawa.

Other factors to consider while buying a dosa Tawa

  • Always buy an easy-to-clean dosa pan. Cleaning the batter from your Tawa could become a mess. A non-stick dosa pan makes the best choice when it comes to easy cleaning.
  • Dosa Tawas are available in different price ranges. If you want to buy the most nominal option, an aluminum Tawa makes a good choice.
  • Read the reviews and the testimonials of the customers to know about the quality of the brand that you are buying from upon buying a dosa pan online.