Best Digital Thermometers in India – April, 2023

Best Digital thermometers in India – Buying Guide


A digital thermometer should be able to show accurate results because any error may lead to misdiagnosis and adverse effects on your health.

While checking the accuracy of the thermometer, take multiple readings at one time. Many thermometers come with the option to store your readings that you can compare and verify the accuracy by yourself.

Although there are chances that an infrared thermometer might show some inaccuracy by a few degrees. Most reputable companies mention the deflection in the temperature readings and you can calibrate and calculate the right temperature accordingly

Response rate

Response rate refers to the time taken by a thermometer to display the temperature readings. You should always prefer to buy a thermometer that shows your reading in less time as possible.

The response rate changes based on the type of thermometer, where some digital thermometers take time between 10-80 seconds, and whereas some infrared thermometers take about 1-3 seconds.

However, keep in mind that a short response rate may lead to inaccurate readings at times, so you should check the level of inaccuracy in the thermometer (It would be mentioned on the label of the thermometer.)

Memory feature

Many advanced thermometers come with a memory feature, which means that you can store all your past readings in the thermometer. This feature plays a vital role when you have to track and record all the temperature readings over a period of time. Most brands give the option to store up to 20 readings in the thermometer.

Temperature Units

Temperature is measured in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Most budget thermometers display the temperature in one unit, which is either Celsius or Fahrenheit. But there are some of the best thermometers that come with the option to switch between both units. Therefore, if you want the feature to take the readings in both the units, then you can buy the one that comes with the feature to switch units.

Battery life

The next thing that you need to check is the battery life of the digital thermometer. Many thermometers come with rechargeable batteries where you can just charge the battery. The thermometers with rechargeable batteries are the expensive ones. But one affordable option is to choose a thermometer that comes with interchangeable batteries.

The size and cost of the batteries depend on the type of thermometer. The stick thermometers usually come with single-cell watch batteries. The infrared thermometers use either AA or AAA batteries. The batteries might last from 3-12 months based on the usage.

But we always recommend that you purchase an extra pair of batteries along with the thermometer. The extra batteries come in handy by eliminating all chances of running out of power during emergencies.

Backlit Display

A backlit display provides adequate illumination of the display that shows bright and crisp reading in the dark and daylight conditions. Also, some advanced thermometers come with the feature to notify about fever or any other warnings through sound alerts.


The safety part is related to the use of harmful chemicals such as mercury. This is mostly related to the stick thermometers because the mercury part goes into the mouth. Check the thermometer has good quality material used and it has an adequate coating on its mercury part.

Note: Keep the mercury-based thermometers away from children

Coming to the other types, the forehead, ear thermometers are usually safer than the mercury-based stick thermometers. Also, they do not have any harmful materials, and the batteries properly encased as well.

Some thermometers come with probe covers, protective case covers, and many accessories that might lead to a choking hazard for children. In case if there are some small parts, then you should keep them away from the hands of the children.

Advanced features

Many brands provide a lot of advanced features in their digital thermometers like auto shut off, fever alert indication, etc. All these features come in handy and they are added by brands to make your life easier. But they also increase the price by a big margin.

Therefore, you should check whether the features provided are worth the price or not, this can be done by comparing the thermometers provided by different brands.

Easy to clean

Cleanliness is the main concern while buying a medical instrument like a thermometer. Therefore, check whether the thermometer can be easily cleaned or not. Check all the instructions provided by the manufacturer and clean accordingly. Also, store the thermometer in a clean place away from any chances of dirt.


You need to make sure that you buy a thermometer from a reputed brand that has been in the industry for a long time. In the case of medical instruments, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality because it directly impacts the health of you and your loved ones.

One more thing that you need to consider is the after-sales support of the brand. Good after-sales support is crucial for helping you in times of need, you can contact the manufacturer directly in case you have any doubt about any features, accuracy, or maintenance of the thermometer.


Last but not the least, you have to buy a thermometer that fits within your budget. Most people prefer to buy products that come with the maximum features, but keep in mind that the prices increase significantly with the increase in the number of features. Therefore, make a strict budget and note down all the features that you need in your thermometer, and make the purchase accordingly.