Best Digital Piano in India – May, 2023

Best Digital Piano in India –  Buying Guide

Sound Quality

In any musical instrument, the most important thing is the high sound quality. The sound quality improves with the price, the higher the price, the superior will be the quality.

As a beginner, you should not buy digital pianos or music keyboards that come with high-end tones and sounds. You need to focus on improving your piano skills and you should buy an entry-level piano.

Built quality

Buying a digital piano is a long term investment and it is crucial that you choose a digital piano made with good quality material. Making any sort of compromise on the quality might shorten the lifespan of the piano.

The cheap quality piano comes with plastic keys, whereas the mid-tier and high-quality piano come with ivory built keys. By far the ivory keys are the best option to choose because it provides superior grip along with a realistic execution that gives the same feel of the acoustic piano.

Also, if you are a beginner then you should buy a piano that comes with touch sensitivity and counterbalanced keys that improve your ability and help in developing your own finger technique.

Sound Note Variations

All digital pianos have samples that come from an acoustic piano. The better the quality of the keyboard, the better samples are taken for each sound effect.  The advanced digital pianos feature multiple variations for the same sound note because the texture of sound is not the same as an acoustic piano.

Keyboard response

The next thing to consider in a digital piano is the keyboard response and sensitivity. Although nothing can match the response and resistance of a traditional acoustic piano, there are still some best digital pianos available that provide realistic key responses.

A good quality piano should have a counterbalanced /hammer effect keyboard. Also, some digital pianos or electronic keyboards come with an option to adjust responsiveness as per your own preference.

Speaker quality

The quality of the speaker can be determined by its size, quantity, power because all these components influence the audio output of the piano which includes the quality and volume of the speaker.

In case you want to buy a budget digital piano, and you want to post your piano sessions online. Then, you should not worry too much about the speakers because you can make all kinds of changes during post-production.


You should always buy a piano from a reputable brand because these brands provide you excellent after-sales service for the piano.

Following is the list of the brands that you can buy a digital piano from:

  • Yamaha
  • Casio
  • Roland
  • Kawai
  • Dexibell

All of these brands are well known and they have been providing high-quality musical instruments for a long time. Also, these brands come with good warranty policies that ensure that you get the value that you are paying for.

Digital Sound Library

The sound library is the place where most of the pianists upload their interpretations online. It is mostly done by beginners, but thanks to the online connectivity of the digital pianos, the other fellow pianists can utilize their interpretations in their own piano.

Modern digital pianos come with inbuilt music libraries, where they have free and paid interpretations. But, keep in mind that the music library depends on the piano model, and most of them are mid-range and high-end pianos.

The sound library helps you to learn the piano easily and some of these come with inbuilt learning tutorials as well. But, if you are on a low budget, then you can learn from platforms like YouTube or any other learning platform for free or a low price based on your preference.


The next factor you need to consider is portability because if you want to travel along with your piano then you should buy a portable piano because that will fulfill your purpose. But if you want a piano for your home then you can use a regular heavyweight piano according to the space available in your home.

If you like the look of an acoustic piano, then you can buy the vertical pianos because they look identical to the acoustic piano with speakers placed on the stand’s case. The second style is the contemporary piano that looks like a standard keyboard. For someone who wants a piano can opt between the vertical and the contemporary piano.

The portable and the stage pianos are easy to carry and they are preferred by most musicians. They provide a much stronger sound that gives out more volume. Both portable and stage pianos are expensive because they provide excellent sound quality and this is the reason why they are used in professional music production.

At last, it all depends on your preference: what kind of piano do you want and what are you going to do with it.  Both are some of the best piano types in the Indian market.

If you want to start playing piano as a hobby, then you can opt for the vertical and contemporary piano and if you want to do this professionally, then you can opt for the portable and stage pianos.


Polyphony is the style of combining multiple sound notes and playing them together to form an individual melody, where the individual sound plays in harmony.

The most basic digital pianos come with a polyphony of 32 sound notes, and the advanced & best digital pianos can play up to 200 sounds at the same time. Polyphony differentiates a digital piano from an acoustic piano because it acts as the natural development of primordial monophonic singing.