Best Dehumidifier in India – March, 2023

Best Dehumidifier In India – Buying Guide

If you live in a humidity-prone area, you may often experience extreme humidity in your surroundings. Too much humidity gives birth to many unwanted problems such as skin irritability, discomfort to your pets, damp walls, worn-out furniture, and whatnot. The problem of humidity must be treated at once. A home dehumidifier is the best solution to help you with the same.

Dehumidifier – How it works?

The role of a dehumidifier is to cut off the excess moisture present in the air; hence, leaving the air cool and fresh, and providing you with the utmost comfort. You can turn on a dehumidifier to save yourself from feeling sticky and also to avoid a damp smell in your interiors. A dehumidifier also helps ward off allergies and infections that you might otherwise fall prey to because of humidity.

You may find the best humidifier in India at varied prices. A standard dehumidifier price in India starts from Rs. 25,000, and may further increase depending upon the brand name, number of features, type of performance, etc.

Check the humidity control range

The humidity control range or HCR is the capacity of the dehumidifier to control the level of humidity inside the space. Always buy a home dehumidifier that can control a minimum of 50 percent humidity in the air. We further suggest you set your device between 35-50 percent for the best use.

Buy one with an automatic defrost feature

The coils of the dehumidifier may frost up over time. This may intrude on the smooth operation of the machine. Having an automatic defrost feature removes all the frost accumulated on the coil, thereby improving its performance.

Buy according to the room size

A dehumidifier India must always be bought according to your room size to fetch optimum utilization. A small device is perfect for the areas such as bathrooms, cars, and even cupboards. Measure the overall size of the room before you spend your money on buying large devices. A large dehumidifier is fit for the room measuring below 3800 square feet. A medium dehumidifier is perfect for 1600-2000 square foot room.

Look for the standard features

The best dehumidifier India includes all the standard features to operate well. Some of the most useful features that you must check out are a programmable timer, automatic restart, automatic humidistat, electronic controls, low-temperature options, and others.

We suggest you always buy this appliance from a reputed brand to get the best features. Buying from a good brand will also let you enjoy some extra features in a humidifier such as wheels, LED indicators, whisper-quiet technology, warranty on the product, etc.

Buy one with multiple fan speed settings

Buying a dehumidifier with multiple speed settings let you adjust the fan settings according to the level of moisture in the interiors. Do not settle down with a device that offers only one fan speed setting. Choose something between 2-3 fan speed settings for the best use. The higher the fan setting, the quicker the performance.

Lastly, always check the energy efficiency of the device that you are bringing home. Your dehumidifier must not consume a lot of power. Check the energy-efficient ratings and pick the best one.