Best CPU Under 15000 in India – April, 2023

Zoonis Budget Gaming Pc

zoonis cpu
  • Intel Core i5-4300 Processor
  • 16 GB Ram
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 2 GB Graphic Cards
  • Windows Operating System
  • 6 USB Ports
  • Front Audio

Dell (Renewed) OPTIPLEX 3040 Tiny Desktop

dell cpu

Best For Business Use

  • Intel Core i3 (6th Gen) 3.2 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 480 GB SSD
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Operating system:- Windows 11 (Upgraded)
  • High-Quality Product
  • Backed by a 6-month Seller Warranty

Zoonis (G-01/Pink)

zoonis cpu 2

Best Budget Gaming & Editing

  • Core i5-750 (8M Cache 2.66 GHz)
  • 8GB DDR-3 RAM 1333MHZ
  • 256 GB SSD Capacity
  • NVIDIA GeForce 610 2 GB DDR3 Graphics Card
  • Windows 10 With MS Office

REO Desktop

reo cpu

Best For Home Use

  • Intel Core i5 650 3.2 Ghz
  • 4 GB DDR3 Ram
  • 120 GB SSD & 200 GB HDD
  • Reo Intel H55 Motherboard
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 6 USB ports
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Wifi Ready

Iball-Intel High-Performance Desktop Computer

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For Gaming & Video Editing

  • Intel Core i5 (3.2 GHz)
  • RAM 8 GB
  • 500 GB HDD
  • 1 GB Nvidia Graphics Card
  • WIFI Ready



The Best CPU Under 15000 in India- Buying Guide

It can be a daunting task to get a CPU under 15000 in India. But if you know how to, there is no doubt that you can get the best CPU at this price range. You need to know the features of a good CPU. You should check if it has a high clock speed and enough cores. If not, don’t waste your money buying such a CPU.

You should also look for its temperature control. It is important because if your CPU gets overheated, it will cause many problems in your system. It can overheat other components, which results in a crash of your system or even burning out of the motherboard itself. 

To avoid this, ensure that your processor does not get hot during intense usage of your system or heavy workloads such as games or video streaming. That way, you don’t damage anything with high temperatures and thus ensure that you have an excellent cooling system for your PC! Here is a guide on how to get the best CPU under 15000 in India.

Choose Between AMD and Intel

The best CPU under 15000 in India is AMD. It is faster than Intel in most tasks and has a better price/performance ratio. If you are looking for such a CPU, you have narrowed your choice down to AMD and Intel. Both have their pros and cons.

AMD is affordable, powerful, and gives better performance. However, it’s not as powerful as Intel and can burn through the battery quickly. On the other hand, Intel is also low cost, has a fast processing speed, and is great compatibility with most operating systems. One downside is that the processors from Intel consume more energy than AMD.

Check Processor Labels and Generations

If you are looking for the best CPU under 15000, you should check processor labels and generations. You can also check the feature sets of each processor to know what it can do.

Processor Label

A processor label is a string of characters that identifies the generation of a processor. The label appears in the top-left corner of the processor and enables you to identify its generation.

It is the brand name or model number of a specific product. You can find these numbers on the packaging of your computer components and their descriptions. Each processor comes with a unique label, and even different models use different labels for their processors. 

Processor Generations

Every year, Intel releases new generations of processors. They come with improved hardware specifications, performance enhancements over their predecessors, and better power consumption efficiency. 

Enquire About Cores and Threads

If you want to buy a CPU under 15000, then you will have to be careful about its core count and threads. It’s important that you get the right specifications. One of the most important things to consider is your CPU’s many cores and threads.

The reason behind this is that if you own a reasonably powerful gaming PC, then you will play games at a high frame rate. It means that you need a CPU with more cores and threads to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. 

Your other option would be to go for a CPU with a few cores and threads. It will mean that your PC won’t do anything other than play games on low settings. For an excellent gaming experience, you can go for the best gaming mouse in India.

When considering cores and threads, you should note that a quad-core processor has four processing units that work together to handle different tasks. A dual-core processor has two processing units, while a single-core processor has just one processing unit.

The more cores, the better the performance. Most of the time, quad-core processors perform better than dual-core processors because they can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. For example, if you are running multiple apps on your phone or computer simultaneously. It can handle all of them simultaneously without slowing down or crashing them down.

If you are unsure how many cores your CPU has or what kind of clock speed it has, ask your computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer about this information before buying any new hardware.

Know More About Integrated Graphics

The best CPU under 15000 in India will depend on your needs. If you want to use the computer for gaming, then a Core i7 processor is ideal. However, if you just want to surf the internet, watch videos and take pictures with your camera, then a simple processor like Pentium 4 or even Celeron will suffice.

Integrated graphics cards are no longer the domain of budget PCs and are now commonly used in mid-range systems. They offer similar performance to discrete cards but cost less and consume less power, making them compatible with smaller motherboards.

Clocks and IPC

You can get the best CPU under 15000 in India by choosing the right clock and IPC. A CPU with a higher clock speed (GHz) than the IPC will be more responsive to your applications, but at a cost. It will also have a lower TDP, which means less power consumption, but it could run hotter. So you might have to compromise between responsiveness and efficiency.

Similarly, an IPC that’s too high could cause issues with your motherboard because it may require more voltage or additional cooling.

Powers and Thermals Specifications

There are a few things to look for in a CPU. They include the power and thermals specifications.

  • Power: A CPU with a TDP of 150 watts or more is not advisable as it will not provide the best performance.
  • Thermals: The higher the number, the better the CPU will perform in terms of thermals and heat dissipation. A CPU with a TDP of 250 watts or more is ideal, as this will ensure that it doesn’t overheat and throttle down its power delivery to keep its temperature low enough to continue working at full speed.

To get the best performance out of your processor, you should always go with a processor that has an unlocked multiplier. That way, you can easily overclock your CPU to perform better on intensive tasks like gaming or video editing.

Getting an unlocked multiplier is unnecessary if you are just using your computer for light tasks like word processing or browsing the web. Most of the time, it will run stable with stock settings and clock speeds. You can also settle for the best all-in-one desktop in India for light and hard tasks.

Other Features to Consider:

RAM (Random Access Memory)

It’s the main memory in your computer, which stores all programs and data. The more RAM you have, the more applications and programs you can run simultaneously on your computer.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

One of the main components of a gaming rig, the GPU, is responsible for rendering graphics on your screen. It also handles tasks like video playback and video encoding, which means it’s important to get a good GPU if you plan on playing games or watching videos on YouTube.

Storage Space and Speed

Storage space describes the amount of data you can store on a hard drive — or other types of storage — while storage speed describes how fast those hard drives can write data.

Connection Options

The more connections your computer has, the better it will be at doing what you want it to do. You should look for at least two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and Bluetooth so you can use your computer wirelessly with wireless mice and keyboards. If your computer doesn’t have USB or Ethernet ports, it may be difficult to connect things like printers wirelessly or connect to home wifi networks.

Choose the Best CPU for Your Computer!

CPU performance has become a major factor in determining the performance of computers. The faster the CPU, the better it performs. But not all CPUs are equal, and you need a good processor for your computer.

The best way to find the perfect CPU for your needs is read with attention the products Datasheet that marketplace like Amazon provide in their products to find out the model that matches better with your necessity.