Best Cordless Phones in India – May, 2023

Best Cordless Phones In India – Buying Guide

The use of smartphones may have taken the entire world by storm but the charm of the cordless phone remains intact. You would still find cordless phones in a majority of homes instead of landlines. Cordless phones are extremely popular at offices, shopping malls, independent stores, security centers, and other public places.

Cordless phones make a good investment, particularly if you don’t want to deal with the restricted use of your landline phones. The fact that a cordless landline phone could be taken anywhere throughout the home makes it easy for you to use it in your bed, on your couch, or even in the kitchen while doing the household chores.

The below-listed buying guide may help you find the best cordless phones in India.

Types of cordless phones

A cordless phone comes with two types – a phone with an answerer and one without an answerer.

  • Cordless Phone With An Answerer

This is an advanced version of a phone that comprises a built-in digital answering machine. Apart from an answering machine, you would find many advanced features in a phone with an answerer. Some of these features include remote access, call screening, call answerer on/off control, message counter display, mailbox, etc. This type of phone is slightly large-sized when compared to the other.

  • Cordless Phone Without An Answerer

This phone is a basic version of a cordless that doesn’t include an answering machine and has minimal features to use and enjoy. They are simple and straightforward, and a lot cheaper than the former. Most of these devices work without a power cord.

Picking up the right type of cordless phone is your call. If you want an advanced version, go with the former, or else the latter is the best option to buy.

Check the range of the phone

The most important feature to check before you bring a cordless phone home is its range. Your purpose in buying a cordless phone is to carry it from one place to another, without getting restricted because of the cord. It is the range/frequency of your phone which is responsible for a clear conversation, even if you carry your phone far away from its receiver.

A cordless phone with a higher range or frequency lets you carry on a smooth telephonic conversation. The frequency of a cordless phone should be at least 60 m indoors and 350 m outdoors.

Volume and sound quality

You must as well check the sound quality of the cordless phone before bringing it home. Good sound quality is a primary feature of the phone, and you must not compromise with the same. Furthermore, check the volume adjustment present in the device. The cordless phone should come with an amplified sound along with volume adjustments so that you could adjust it according to the need of the hour.

Choose the structure according to your needs

A cordless phone is available in varied structures. The choice of the structure depends upon your requirement. Apart from the physical body of the device, the structure also includes the mechanism that it works on. Some devices are space-consuming and heavy while others are compact and lightweight. The latter is easy to use and could be handled at the offices and shopping centers as well.

While choosing the structure of the cordless phone, you must keep your safety and health into consideration. As the cordless works on radiation technology, such radiation in high amounts may lead to cancer. To save yourself from such harmful radiation, go for a structure that comes with DECT technology. DECT or Digital European Cordless Telephones ensure that the device does not emit too much radiation. Your phone must be DECT certified.

Buy one with long battery life

The battery life of the device is another important point of consideration while buying a cordless phone. Who would want his call to drop in the middle just because you haven’t charged your phone enough? It is when choosing a phone with a long battery life is recommended.

Always check the standby time of a particular model before finalizing it. The battery of the device must be powerful and efficient. The batteries must be durable and the device must not heat up upon charging the battery. You may invest in a good brand of cordless phones to avoid facing a hassle with the battery.

Buy according to your utility

Upon exploring the cordless landline phones, you will come across that it could have single, double, or multiple handsets. A single cordless phone includes only one handset, a double has two, and you will find 2+ handsets in a phone with multiple handsets.

You might need more than one headset for a bigger home. However, a device with multiple headsets is usually not recommended for residential use. Such a device is suitable for an office or any public place.

Get a cordless phone with a Caller ID

A caller ID is a useful feature in cordless phones as it lets you identify the caller. The LCD screen of your device displays the number of the caller using which you may identify him/her. Some of the devices also come with a phonebook. You may save all the important numbers in the phonebook. All the saved contacts will appear by names instead of numbers in your caller ID. This type of feature is present in phones with DECT technology.

Other advanced features that you may consider

  • Intercom Facility:

A cordless phone with an intercom facility is best-used for commercial purposes at shopping malls and stores, buildings, apartments, etc. Using this facility, one may transfer the call from one handset to the other.

  • Bluetooth And WiFi Compatibility:

All the advanced models entertain Bluetooth as well as WiFi compatibility. The Bluetooth technology allows you to make all your mobile phone calls through a cordless phone.

  • Call Block:

This feature lets you block all the unwanted numbers. A blocked number would never be able to call you on your cordless phone.

  • Call Waiting:

This feature is similar to call waiting available on mobile phones. It alerts you about another call while you are already on a phone-call with someone else.

  • Speaker:

Also known as a hands-free feature, you may put your cordless phone on loud while engaging in a call. It also allows others in the room to join the conversation.