Best Coffee Makers in India – May, 2023

Best Coffee Makers In India – Buying Guide

If you are a person who starts his day with a cup of coffee, you must invest in a coffee maker. The act of making coffee on a gas stove has become very traditional and passe. It’s time to invite a change and look for some easy mediums using which you can brew your coffee in minutes.

A coffee maker is a wise investment for a connoisseur of coffee. This device lets you brew multiple varieties of coffee, according to your taste and preference. Preparing your coffee in a coffee maker is a hassle-free affair. You are merely required to buy the right kind of appliance from the market.

Here is how you can find the best coffee maker for long-term use.

An insight into different types of coffee makers

The best thing about a coffee maker is that it doesn’t have a fixed type. Thus, you can explore a variety of machines in the market that consists of different features and extend different functions. Different kinds of coffee machines make different coffee to suit your taste.

For example, if you love your coffee dark and strong, always go for an Espresso and Cappuccino coffee maker. You will love the taste and smell of your coffee. Another common option of a coffee maker is a brew drip coffee maker. This appliance comes with an automatic drip machine. All you are expected to do is to fill the chamber or pot with water and put your coffee in the filter section. Once you switch this coffee maker on, the coffee starts brewing. This model is extremely affordable.

A percolator is very similar to Drip Brewer when it comes to making coffee. This coffee machine can be used on a gas stove as well. Percolators usually brew over 50 cups of coffee at a time. If you are looking for something fancy to invest in, make Siphon your choice.

Before choosing the coffee maker for your kitchen, it is important to figure out your requirement. You don’t have to invest in an Espresso or Cappuccino maker if you don’t like strong coffee. Similarly, Cold Brew Coffee Makers do not make the right choice if you are a hot coffee person. After deciding the type of coffee maker, you can look into its capacity and various other features.

Space consumed by your coffee maker

The space consumed by the appliance is one important consideration to observe when you are buying a coffee maker.

If the space on your kitchen counter is limited, do not buy a space-consuming machine. A single-serve pod coffee maker is the right choice for you in this situation. This kind of coffee maker is also the right choice if you are living alone and do not brew your coffee more than a cup at one time.

A large-sized model may look aesthetically appealing, but if it doesn’t fit the necessary space, there’s no point in buying the same.

The right kind of filter for that perfect cup of coffee

If you know the mechanism of a coffee maker, you would know the importance of the coffee filter added to the same. The overall taste of your coffee is greatly influenced by the filter that you choose in the coffee maker.

A paper filter makes a great choice for you if you are a fiend of dark and strong coffee. This filter makes the best dark coffee to boost and energize you well. If you like black coffee and do not add cream or milk to the same, choose a metal filter to strain your coffee. Both the metal filter and gold-plated filter prepare the best black coffee.

Once you have zeroed on the choice of filter, you should then look for the capacity or size of the coffee maker. Is your coffee-maker too small to only brew a single cup of coffee in one go? Do you need to make multiple cups of coffee at one time? Ask these questions and then decide on the right capacity of the coffee maker that you are likely to bring home.

Anything extra is always welcome

What if you are investing in a coffee maker and find that it comes with some extra features as well? The top brands manufacturing their appliances usually add some extra features to their coffee makers. These extra features are a great welcome and you can always make the most of such coffee machines.

An advanced coffee machine also includes programmed brewing at a particular time. You are required to set the timer after which the coffee maker will brew the coffee automatically, without any manual help. The keep-warm feature in a coffee maker keeps your beverage warm for a longer time. It saves you from heating your coffee again and again. The keep-warm feature in the coffee is usually supported by the thermal carafe.

If you are investing in a high-end coffee machine, you will get to explore other extra features such as grinding of coffee beans, frothing of milk, notification about cleaning the coffee maker, etc.

Apart from extra features, always check if the coffee maker that you are buying is durable or not. A coffee maker made in a durable material like stainless steel stands out from all its counterparts. Stainless steel coffee makers look aesthetically appealing as well.

A budget-friendly appliance makes a happy investment

What if you can get all the superior features of a coffee maker at a very pocket-friendly price? This is possible if you buy your coffee maker from a reputed brand.

Today, many reputed brands are selling the best coffee makers in different price ranges. You can never go wrong when you purchase a branded appliance for your kitchen. You can explore a variety of coffee makers in different price ranges to further buy the best one. Your budget is an important factor and these brands always take it into consideration. Thus, you can find the best coffee maker with efficient features at a very pocket-friendly price.

Now that everything has been instructed, it’s time for you to hunt for the best coffee maker in India.