Best Coffee Grinder in India – May, 2023

Best Coffee Grinder In India – Buying Guide

If you are a real connoisseur of coffee, you would understand the importance of using freshly ground coffee powder to prepare your beverage. Such coffee tastes fresh, smells magical, and soothes your taste buds like no other.

You can buy the best coffee beans from the market and grind them in your coffee grinder to prepare the best morning coffee.

Here is everything to know about buying a coffee bean grinder:

Types of coffee grinders

Blade Grinder

Also known as a manual coffee grinder, it is a very nominal version of a coffee grinder that you can buy to grind your coffee. This coffee grinder makes the use of sharp blades to powder your coffee. The only drawback of buying this device is that it doesn’t grind your coffee evenly.

Burr Grinder

A burr grinder is an advanced version of a blade grinder that helps you grind your coffee beans evenly. Such coffee grinders powder your coffee uniformly, thereby enhancing its flavor upon brewing. This coffee grinder has two types – flat burr grinder and conical burr grinder.

While the former provides consistency in each particle size, the latter is more affordable and less noisy.

Electric Coffee Grinder

It is the most advanced version of a coffee grinder that you may bring home to save yourself time and effort while grinding the coffee beans. This coffee grinder requires a power supply to operate. It grinds your coffee beans so evenly without disrupting their quality. You can adjust the speed and quantity of such a grinder to your comfort.

Do not buy a noisy grinder

If you have decided on buying an electric coffee grinder, know that it would produce some noise. The noise may be low or high, depending upon the quantity of coffee beans that you are grinding into the same. Buy a good-quality coffee maker to avoid creating so much noise.

When it comes to a manual coffee maker, a burr coffee grinder produces lesser noise than a blade grinder. Pick the former and avoid dealing with the cacophonous noise.

Check the capacity of the coffee grinder

The capacity of the coffee grinder is a necessary point to consider before you bring this device home. We suggest you not splurge your money in buying a high-capacity device unless you are using it in the places such as the office. You may settle down for a smaller version of a coffee grinder when using it at home.

Inspect the speed of the coffee grinder

The speed of a coffee grinder has a role to play if you are buying an electric version. A device that operates at a high-speed may damage the aroma and the flavor of your coffee beans. Hence, we suggest you avoid buying such models.

Always choose a medium-speed or low-speed coffee bean grinder to obtain the coffee powder in the best flavor and aroma. Also, check if your electric coffee grinder can function under multiple settings.

Other points to consider while looking for the best coffee grinder in India are the material of the coffee grinder, cleaning of the grinder, its brand name, price, etc.