Best Coffee Brands in India – May, 2023

Best Coffee Brands In India – Buying Guide

Coffee – it could be a morning booster for some people while others love to enjoy the flavors and the aroma that it emits. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages throughout the world. The craze for coffee is increasing with each day, thanks to the growing culture of visiting the cafes like Café Coffee Day, Starbucks, and Barista.

If you are a person who loves sipping his coffee in the four walls of the home, then you must educate yourself about the different types of coffees to eventually make the right choice for you. Here is how you can select the best coffee:

Popular Types of Coffee

Upon going out to the cafes and restaurants, you may come across different types of coffees listed down in the menu. But do you know there is still more to it? Worldwide, there are two most popular forms of coffee which are further brewed into different styles and are consumed by coffee connoisseurs. These versions of coffee include Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee makes a favorable choice for anyone who loves his coffee strong. The amount of caffeine present in this coffee is double of Arabica. Thus, you can relish the strong flavor and aroma of the coffee with each sip.

The grainy essence of this coffee further makes it all the more sought-after option among the coffee-lovers. The taste of Robusta coffee resembles that of a peanut. You might realize it after sipping the last sip in your coffee mug.

Arabica coffee

If you don’t like your coffee hard and strong, fret not. You can always opt for the Arabica version of the coffee. As against Robusta, this one is a mild-flavored coffee, hence a perfect option for all the occasional coffee drinkers. The flavor of this coffee might be mild, however, it tastes a little sharper to your taste buds. This coffee comes in different varieties and you can choose the best Arabica coffee after learning about them.

Both these versions make your coffee highly flavorful and you can choose the best one depending upon your taste and preference. Apart from Arabica and Robusta, the coffee is usually brewed in different styles. These styles vary in terms of the addition of the ingredients, their quantity, their style of preparation, etc.

If you like your coffee hot and powdery, Americano is the best choice for you. This coffee doesn’t include cream or milk. For the creamy and milky taste of coffee, you must prefer Latte. In this style of coffee, powder or coffee grains are mixed with steamed milk. The foam so settled at the top is usually admired by all the coffee-lovers, especially children.

Teenagers and adults also like to sip on Mocha which includes a little chocolaty flavor in the coffee. Mocha is quite similar to a latte, however, with a hint of chocolate in the same. You can prepare mocha at home by mixing a little amount of cocoa powder in your latte preparation.

Another popular version of coffee is cappuccino. The amount of foam present in a cappuccino is thinner when compared to a latte. This factor is the only deciding factor between the two. If you like your coffee cold and icy, Frappe is the best choice for you. This style of coffee is prepared from sugar, water, coffee, mixed in ice.

Origin of the coffee differentiates its taste

The plantation of coffee is done throughout the world. America, Asia, and Africa are the leading continents where the cultivation of coffee is very popular and widespread. The origin of the coffee decides its flavor – light or strong. When it comes to India, Indian coffees are one of the most sought-after options of coffee throughout the world. This is because it is rich in flavor and aroma. You can explore the homegrown brands to decide the best coffee for your daily sipping session.

The grade of the coffee is another deciding factor that helps you choose the right kind of coffee. Coffee is generally labeled under different grades such as AA, AB, AAA, etc. The role of the grade signifies the process of roasting the coffee. These alphabets usually denote the size and quality of the coffee beans. AAA is the topmost grade that is usually labeled to the Arabica coffee. Arabica coffee is touted as the most loved coffee in India and throughout the world.

Grinding process of the coffee

You cannot make coffee out of coffee beans as they are very hard. The end product is obtained only once the coffee beans are grounded properly. The size of the coffee beans is another determining element about the end product. Espresso coffee demands a fine grind and the end product is very powdery. Turkish preparation of coffee is another popular coffee version that requires fine grinding of the coffee beans.

French Press coffee is the most preferred option in Indian homes. For this purpose, you can even opt for the medium grounded coffee. The grind profile of your coffee then helps you make the most preferred style, according to your choice.

The markets are full of different brands that sell different varieties of coffee. At the end of the day, your selection of the coffee grains gets reduced to your taste, preference, and budget. Some people want their coffee to be of a very regular taste to suit their morning routine of waking up and sipping their coffee. For others, the habit of drinking coffee is more like enjoying it and admiring it with every sip, like that of the wine.

The former can choose any nominal brand of coffee but if you are an ardent connoisseur of coffee and if your coffee drinking session is more like an experience, you must invest in some high-end brands. You can check the offline and online grocery/gourmet platform to buy your kind of coffee as the markets are full of different types of coffee to satisfy all your requirements.

In the end, you must also take care of the proper brewing of your coffee. Always use fresh water and fresh coffee for preparation as stale ingredients might intervene with the original flavor of your coffee. The measurement of the coffee and other ingredients should be correct so that the coffee tastes authentic and flavorful.