Best Clay Masks in India – May, 2023

Best Clay Mask for Yourself – Complete Buying Guide

A clay mask might appear as a normal facial cream, but you need to understand that there is more to it. There are tons of varieties available when it comes to clay masks and to make the most out of your purchase, you need to buy the right one.

Check the Main Ingredient

Have a look at the back label, check all the ingredients that are used while making the product. Most of the time, the primary clay would be either bentonite (multani-mitti) or kaolin (also known as the Chinese clay). However, in the expensive clay masks, you can also find something known as the volcanic clay.

All three of these ingredients work well for absorbing the excess oil, cleanse, and nourish your skin. Apart from these, never purchase any masks that quote some other synthetic or hybrid clays, as they might lack the natural goodness and benefits of clay.

Research about the effects of other ingredients

As we discussed the main ingredient, it is equally important that you check the effects of all the other ingredients.

Some clay masks use the same main ingredient, but their effects are completely different and the reasons are the other ingredients.

For instance, when a manufacturer adds honey, milk, aloe vera with the clay, then it creates a combination ideal for providing great moisturizing features.

Whereas, if we add other ingredients such as nuts, sugar, and coffee, then, it is considered ideal for skin exfoliation.  Similarly, ingredients like lemon, tea-tree oil help in skin-brightening and acne-free skin respectively.

Keep in mind that some clay masks have some harmful ingredients as well, by harmful we mean that is not good for the skin like mineral oils, chemical preservatives, and color agents, etc.

Know Your Skin Type and Select Accordingly

There are different types of clay masks available for all skin types. However, the most important part is that you should know which one suits your skin.

Unfortunately, there are still people who do not know about their skin type. So, we recommend that you go to a dermatologist for getting a skin checkup before using any skin product.

Once you know about your skin type, then you should select the one that matches your skin type, here are key pointers for your skin type:

For oily skin:

Select a clay mask that promises deep-cleaning and removes all the extra oil from your skin, and such masks have ingredients like apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, jojoba oil.

For dry/ dull skin:

Select a clay mask that provides exfoliation and removes all the dead skin from your face, these may have ingredients like coffee, sugar, etc.

For Normal skin:

When you have a normal skin type, then you can choose any clay mask of your choice that is labeled for normal skin. But, make sure that it does not have harmful ingredients such as mineral oil, parabens, etc.

Consistency (thickness) of the clay mask

The last factor that should keep in mind is the consistency of the clay mask. Keep in mind that the more paste type the clay mask is, it means that there are a lot of chemical side ingredients added.  Most of the natural clay masks are available in the form of a powder or solid form, and these do not have the unnecessary chemical ingredients within them.

This tip will come in handy, in case there are some “hidden” ingredients or if the product has a mislabeled or misleading ingredients list. Hence, this helps in separating the natural clay masks from the chemical-based clay masks.