Best Clapbox Cajon in India – May, 2023

Best Clapbox Cajon In India – Buying Guide

To all the music enthusiasts out there, do not call yourself a fan of music if you do not know what Cajon is.

The popularity of a Cajon is increasing manifolds, and a majority of musicians, as well as, music maniacs are creating music using the same. When you look at it, a  Clapbox Cajon simply looks like a wooden box – a structure to sit on. But don’t take this device as merely a wooden box. It has become popular among all the percussionists and drummers.

This instrument is for one and all and could be used for various events such as musical evenings, musical education, corporate seminar, roadshows, and many others.

What is Cajon?

You may call Cajon a box-like device on which the musicians sit and use their fingertips, palms, and hands to create music. You may as well term a Cajon as an alternative of a drum kit, and all the notes created by it are similar to the latter.

This instrument is created using different types of woods, and inside the box are adjustable metal strings. These strings span against the box, thereby creating a snare sound.

A good-quality Cajon box includes features such as adjustable slap corners, bass ports, adjustable snare, and an internal microphone. The standard size of a Cajon measures 48x30x30 cm.

Where was Cajon originated?

The history of Cajon dates back to the mid-19th century when it was originated in Peru. However, some studies also suggest that Cajon was originated centuries before that. The slaves from Africa weren’t allowed to use a drum for their recreation. Their creativity pushed them to create music on a fruit crate. This innovative instrument soon garnered immense popularity after which a leading Spanish guitarist introduced a much-developed version of the same.

Today, many musicians have started using a Cajon to create music similar to tapping and beating. All the leading brands, too, are introducing different varieties of Cajon.

What is Clapbox?

As many brands have started venturing into the production of Cajon, some have already established themselves successfully. Clapbox is a leading brand producing some of the most amazing Cajon and selling them like hotcakes throughout the world.

The musicians are making the most out of these devices, thus creating some unique beats and innovative music – something that you might not have listened to earlier.

What is Clapbox Cajon price in India?

Cajon price varies from brand to brand. Furthermore, the features of the instrument, too, are the deciding factors of its price. The price of Clapbox Cajon in India starts at Rs.3,500 respectively. The advanced models of this instrument may even cost you Rs.10,000. If you are a beginner and want to create some music with a Cajon, you may start practicing with the basic model.

The best thing about Clapbox Cajon is that even the basic model of this brand would help you create brilliant beats and rhythm. The price of a professional level device starts from Rs.5,000.

Here is the buying guide that helps you select the best kind of Clapbox Cajon.

Different types of Cajon

Cajons are available in a variety of models and types. Here’s everything to know about different kinds of Cajon:

  • String Cajon: It is a commercial Cajon used by the musicians at the concerts and studios. They come with 2-4 strings and produce a sensitive snare response.
  • Snare Cajon: This commercial Cajon is used more at concerts than in the studio because it creates soothing live music. The snare wires present in this instrument create a rattling sound.
  • Afro-Peruvian Cajon: It is the least common type of Cajon that doesn’t include snare strings at all. The sound created by this Cajon is very exotic and woody. You may presume this Cajon as a traditional Cajon, the use of which is carried out in Flamenco.

Select one with the right wood type

A Clapbox Cajon can also be categorized in terms of the wood that it is made in. Plywood and hardwood are used in constructing a Cajon. The sound that this instrument makes depends upon the kind of wood used to construct it.

  • All the instruments made in beechwood serve as a preferred choice for all the musicians who experiment with decent low, mid, and high sound.
  • The next hardwood that is used in making Cajon is birch. The sound produced by such a Cajon is very similar to the ones made in beech except that the highs are usually louder. This Clapbox Cajon is a little expensive.
  • If you want to create some deep low ends along with good bass and a muted high range, choose an instrument made using mahogany.
  • Lastly, oak is another hardwood popular with the creation of Cajon. The instruments made using oak are perfect to play during a live performance.

Check the quality of the Cajon

The best Clapbox Cajon shall be superior in terms of quality when compared to other brands and models. To determine the quality of a Cajon, take a look at its joints. If the built-quality of this device is superior, it produces an outstanding sound.

Buy an adjustable model

Another salient feature to look for while buying a Cajon is its adjustability. The Clapbox Cajon that you are planning to buy shall be adjustable. Check the presence of the pedal or knob of the Cajon as both these parts are responsible to change the snare response. The best Cajon is usually adjusted by fixing (loosening and tightening) the snare strings present on the device.

Count the number of accessories

For all the musicians who cannot travel without a Cajon for their shows, finding the best accessories for your device is important. Store this instrument in the bag while traveling and look for a sturdy bag to carry your Cajon in.

Different kinds of accessories are available for the Clapbox Cajon, and you may check and use them as per your preference. Some of the most sought-after accessories present in all the top-quality Cajon include a Cajon pedal, Cajon brush, Cajon cabasa, etc.

You may as well look for the best Clapbox Cajons on the online platforms. Always read the reviews of a particular product before adding it to your cart.