Best Budget Gaming Mouse in India – May, 2023

Best Budget Gaming Mouse – Buying Guide

Gaming laptops are so much fun. You may enjoy playing some of the most amazing games solo as well as with your friends. Gaming has been one of the most fun-loving activities since time immemorial. Playing video games gives you an adrenaline rush. It improves your focus and attention and may as well help you to level up your instincts. Not only this, you may even participate in some thrilling gaming tournaments and win some attractive cash prizes. All you need to do is to bring a good-quality gaming laptop and gaming mouse.

Here’s the buying guide for the best budget gaming mouse in India. 

Types of Gaming Mouse

Different types of gaming mice serve you with varied requirements. Below are the five most common types of gaming mice to choose from:

  • All-Purpose Gaming Mouse:

The name says it all. It is the most widespread gaming mouse that you would find on different online and offline platforms. You may find this device compatible with all sorts of games such as action games, MMO, FPS, and others. An all-purpose gaming mouse makes a brilliant choice for all regular gamers.

  • FPS Mouse:

If you are very much into action games, this is the best buying option for you. These mice comprise a Sniper button using which you can make some of the toughest shots while playing action-packed games such as Counter-Strike and Call Of Duty.

  • MMO Mouse:

For all the enthusiastic gamers who are more into playing multiplayer video games, an MMO mouse serves the best choice. The structure of this mouse is bulkier when compared to other types of mice. The buttons are nicely designed for proper access. Some high-end MMO mice include extra features using which you may up your game.

  • RTS Mouse:

Enjoy playing sci-fi and real-time strategy games with an RTS mouse for extra fun and engagement. Such a mouse is specifically designed for these types of games. The features are amazing, the mouse buttons are easy to access and quick to use. You may as well find some glowy lights on a few buttons of this mouse.

  • Customizable Mouse:

This is the most expensive type of mouse and is a perfect solution for all the gamers who perceive their video gaming skills more seriously. You may fine-tune the mouse according to your requirement and also according to the category of the game that you are playing. You may even adjust the features such as the angle of the palm rest in this kind of mouse.

Check the number of buttons

The most basic version of a gaming mouse comprises three buttons – left, right, and scroll. You may as well find other kinds of features and buttons in the advanced versions of a mouse. Some of these buttons come with the most basic functions while others have an advanced utility as well.

If you are too enthusiastic about playing your video game, buy an advanced mouse with multiple buttons. It would give you an advantage on all the upcoming and advanced levels of the game. You would end up giving a cut-throat competition to all your competitors.

Learn about the Dots Per Inches

Dots Per Inches or DPI is an important consideration to have in mind when you shop for a gaming mouse. The role of this feature is to provide sensitivity to the device. A device with a higher DPI would be more sensitive to use. Increased sensitivity of the mouse will help you move it quicker than others.

The lowest range of dots per inch in a mouse is 300-400, and the highest may go up to 15,000-20,000. You may choose the best one after figuring out your requirements and budget for it.

Choose from among a wired or wireless gaming mouse

Different gamers have different opinions about a wired and a wireless mouse.

A wired mouse is attached to your laptop using a wire. You wouldn’t be able to move farther from your system once your mouse is attached to the laptop/desktop. Having said that, a wired mouse stands out in terms of performance. It is quick and easy to use and comes with strong reflexes that may help you make the best moves in your game.

A wireless mouse, on the other hand, doesn’t restrict itself with a wire. It is a free hand accessory that you may carry anywhere in the room while playing your game. But when it comes to performance, a wireless mouse is slightly inferior to the wired one. As wireless mice operate themselves on batteries, you may face issues with them getting discharges now and then.

Experts recommend choosing a wired gaming mouse over a wireless model.

Select the right sensor type

Coming to the sensor types of a gaming mouse, they have two types – optical and laser.

A laser sensor would give you high accuracy, however, you should use it on smooth hard surfaces only. An optical sensor is well-suited to most of the surfaces and is more popular when compared to the former.

The higher lift-off distance of a laser sensor may intrude with your game at some point which is why you must go with the option of an optical sensor. Use a mouse-pad if you want to use an optical sensor more efficiently.

Find the right grip style of the mouse

A gaming mouse comes with three different gripping styles:

  • The palm grip is the most standard style that lets the entire palm of the player rest on the mouse as long as he is engaged in the game. Using a palm grip of the mouse, you may play your game very comfortably.
  • Tip grip style of a gaming mouse uses only the tip of your fingers to operate the mouse. You don’t even want to touch your palm to the device.
  • Claw grip is a mix of both the above gripping styles. The palm may rest on the back of the device while you may use the thumbs and fingers and angle your moves.

Out of all the above-listed gripping styles, the palm grip is considered the most preferred one. Such a grip doesn’t let you put pressure on your hand or exert it by any chance. You may make even the toughest of movement comfortably in your game.