Best Body Massagers in India – May, 2023

Best Body massagers in India – Buying Guide

Massage Heads

The main functionality of a body massager resides in the massage head, as the pressure, vibration, and heat come from the head, which gives you relief on your affected areas.

Massagers that feature multiple massage modes come with multiple attachments that allow you to experience different relaxation therapies using the same body massager.

Always go for a body massager that comes with multiple massage heads, so that you can switch between them to experience different kinds of massage to ensure relief on all your affected areas.

Different massage modes

Body massagers come with different modes, and each mode has its way of relaxing your body. Following are the popular massage modes that you can consider while buying a body massager:

  • Vibration massagers

Most vibration massagers are hand-held devices that come with a vibrating motor that allows gentle vibration to pass through your hands, and this relaxes your body.

Vibration massage improves the blood circulation in the area of discomfort, and the gentle vibrations allow your body to self heal all the cramps that are causing you discomfort in the first place. All you have to do is to put the vibration massager on your hands and gently rub it over the area where you feel discomfort.

Please note: Apply massage oil on the area of pain and then use the vibration massager, and this will improve the effectiveness of the massage.

  • Infrared Massagers:

The next type of massagers is the infrared massagers that use infrared heat that creates an effect of warming up the muscles of the affected area.

These are superior to the vibrating massagers as they are not effective on every problem.

Therefore, people who suffer from cramps and muscle pull for a long time should buy an infrared massager, as it will give the desire instant relief that is needed.

When you use an infrared massager, then the heat is absorbed deeply in the body, and it boosts the blood circulation in the affected area.

  • Acupressure massagers:

The third type of massager is the acupressure massagers, and these massagers work on the concept of acupuncture.

Acupuncture refers to the concept of life energy that flows through the meridian in the human body. The pressure is applied to the energy points to target all the blockages.

Using the concept of acupuncture, the acupressure massagers target the pressure points that connect to the body’s nerve endings of the sore/affected area, and it is ideal for improving overall health and maintains healthy blood circulation in the body.

Ease of use

A massager should be easy to use because when you experience pain, you need a massage on an immediate basis, but if the massager is complex to operate, then it will make your pain even worse.

Being easy to operate means that a massager should have quick toggle-mode and it should start working instantly, and give you relief from all the pain.

Weight of the massager

A lot depends on the weight of the massager because if a massager is too heavy, then there would be a lot of problems like you would lack in terms of flexibility.

Usually, strong-built products are heavy because they are manufactured using tough and reliable material, which is good in the case of other products, but this is not an ideal choice for body massagers.

Body massagers have to be portable, as you should be able to carry them around with you, and then the extra weight will make it difficult for you to carry around for those massage sessions.

But, this does not mean that you have to buy an inferior quality product or a low-quality product. All the major brands provide body massagers with a high-quality build and a lightweight product.

Power Consumption

Most body massagers use your power supply, and battery-powered massagers are rare and expensive.

Power consumption is an important factor while making the right body massager as if you would use a body massager frequently. Then the power consumption will lead to extra cost that would be added to your electricity bill.

To avoid this extra expense, you should always check the power consumption ratings of the device before buying.

Form factor

The next thing that you need to consider while buying a massager is to consider the shape and the form factor that you will buy, as a lot depends on the shape of the massager and its purpose.

Also, if you want to make the most out of the product, then you should select the massage with the right shape and form factor.

Always choose a body massager that allows you to move smoothly across all the parts of your body.

Also, it has to be compact with a big handle that allows you to reach areas like below the shoulder, as it would be tough to reach with a massager that has a big size with a smaller handle.

Warranty Cover

All the popular reputed brands provide the warranty for a particular period, and most local brands offer less or no warranty coverage on their products.

Always keep in mind that the warranty period reflects the confidence of the manufacturer in their product. So, the longer the warranty, the more reliable the product!

Therefore you should consider investing in a massager that comes with a replacement warranty cover of 1 year by the manufacturer, and, if a manufacturer is providing a higher warranty cover, then you should give preference to the product that comes with the longer warranty period.