Best Bluetooth Speakers in India – May, 2023

Best Bluetooth Speakers In India – Buying Guide

Music is peace for some, noise for none.

For all the music maniacs, a Bluetooth speaker is a must-have accessory that lets you enjoy your favorite music endlessly. This handy device could be connected to your television, laptop, desktop, as well as a smartphone. Hence, you may play your music anytime, anywhere, and on any occasion. All you have to do is find the best kind of Bluetooth speakers to suit all your requirements.

As the technology is pacing up each day, you would find a multitude of options of Bluetooth speakers available in the market. Different brands have released this device with varied features to give a cut-throat competition to all their competitors. The increasing demand and competition might confuse you in terms of the selection of your speaker. But fret not, we have got you covered.

Here is the buying guide for the best Bluetooth speaker that is currently available in the Indian market.

Check the frequency response

The frequency response or range of a Bluetooth speaker determines how far it can reproduce a sound when any device is connected with the speaker. Technically, the wider ranger of a device produces better sounds to farther places. The standard frequency of a Bluetooth speaker ranges between 2.4 and 2.485 GHz.

The frequency response of a Bluetooth speaker may vary in terms of its size. If your device is smaller in size, the range would be lower, while a larger device would deliver a louder and better sound quality. The frequency response of this device also depends upon the quality of the product. You would never get disappointed with the range of a Bluetooth speaker upon buying your product from a leading brand.

Determine the battery life

All music enthusiasts live on music. Any intrusion with their music-listening sessions is a big turn off. If you are an ardent music-lover, and want to play your music non-stop, pay attention to the battery life of your Bluetooth speaker.

Longer battery life means more music, hence more fun. This feature is a must-check if you are intending to use the Bluetooth speaker more on your outdoor sessions such as house parties, events, celebrations, etc.

Smaller Bluetooth speakers come with a low battery life whereas the larger Bluetooth speakers could work non-stop for up to 24 hours. Apart from testing the battery life of a device, you must also check the time that it takes to charge itself completely. Some of the most advanced models of this device offer fast charging, and buying them is highly recommended.

Test the audio quality

Your Bluetooth speaker should deliver the best performance, meaning, it must deliver the best sound quality to let you enjoy your music whole-heartedly. The audio quality of the device is an important feature, and you must not overlook the same. The Bluetooth speaker must deliver a clear and crisp sound. Any kind of hissing is not welcome. Thankfully, you may find some affordable devices emitting high sound quality.

Know the Bluetooth version in the speaker

A Bluetooth speaker in the Indian markets is available in two versions:

  • Bluetooth V4.X:

It is the most common Bluetooth version found in a majority of speakers. You could connect it to multiple devices at a time, however, only one device could be heard at one time. This version of Bluetooth supports 10 meters of indoor space, hence a little low concerning its frequency.

  • Bluetooth V5.0+:

It is an advanced version of Bluetooth available in a majority of Bluetooth devices. Such Bluetooth includes the option of multiple connectivities because of which you may playback all your connected devices at the same time. The frequency of this Bluetooth version is higher than the former as it supported 40 meters of the internal environment. The signal strength of this Bluetooth version is stronger, and it doesn’t consume a lot of battery.

In any case, always choose Bluetooth v5.0+ version over the former.

Size of Speaker

Although all the Bluetooth speakers are portable, you shall still take the size as an important consideration while buying a Bluetooth speaker. Experts consider a bigger-sized Bluetooth speaker to be the best as it delivers excellent performance with improved sound quality and several features.

But that doesn’t mean that small-sized speakers are inferior. Small-sized speakers, too, deliver an efficient sound quality. The role of size comes to play when you want to carry your device. For example, if you wish to use your Bluetooth speaker in a car, buy a smaller device. If your plan of buying a speaker is solely for house-parties or late-night music sessions, you may look for a bigger one.

Multiple connectivity Options

Another salient feature to not overlook while buying this device is its connectivity. Multiple connectivity of your Bluetooth speaker means it’s a versatile device that could be used anywhere and connected to various sources. Your Bluetooth connectivity must as well include AUX, USB, and NFC for optimum use.

Simple control for a hassle-free operation

Why buy a device which is difficult to comprehend and operate when you could bring the one with a simple control mechanism? Your Bluetooth speaker should be easy to use and operate so that you don’t spend hours educating yourself about all its features. Always remember, the simpler, the better.

All the elementary functions in a simple Bluetooth speaker include volume controls, play/pause button, answer phone calls, Bluetooth pairing, etc.

Hands-free calling

It is another remarkable feature that makes your Bluetooth speaker more user-friendly among people. The device must have a mic. An inbuilt mic in your Bluetooth speaker allows you to use it hands-free when it comes to dialing or answering calls.

Apart from all the prime considerations, you may as well look for the features such as a weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker so that you could carry your device anywhere, portability, aesthetics, brand name, price, and warranty while investing in this device. A renowned brand name allows you to enjoy all the above-listed features in your device. You may buy the best one under various price ranges.

It is also a good idea to shop for a Bluetooth speaker from the online platforms, provided they must be reliable.