Best Bipap Machines in India – April, 2023

Best BiPAP Machines in India – Buying Guide

Following are the points that you need to consider while buying a BiPAP machine in India, as it helps a lot to understand the functionality of the machine. It’s necessary to make an effective purchase and use it wisely.

Pressure Range

Bipap devices offer two levels of air pressure at two different settings. It regulates the breathing process, where it increases the pressure while inhaling and decreases the pressure while exhaling, this helps in targeting sleep apnea and gives relief to the patient.

BiPAP machines come with different air pressure ranges, which falls between 3 cm H20 and 25 cm H20. Keep a check on these pressure levels because some of the models have limited pressure ranges because more sleep apnea patients might require pressure ranges between 6 cmH20 to 14 cmH20.


Sleep apnea is a serious sleeping disorder, and patients need to carry the machine around with them. Therefore, a BiPAP machine should be compact and lightweight that can be placed anywhere. Make sure that you check the product dimensions before buying.


A humidifier is a built-in device inside the BiPAP machine. In most machines, it is interchangeable and it offers capacities between 300 and 450 ml. A larger reservoir is suitable because it is not required to be refilled often, and any size above 380 ml is considered in the large category.

Noise Potential

BiPAP devices are meant to be used during sleep and there are chances that a noisy BiPAP device might disturb the sleep of the patient. Therefore, carefully check the device noise levels(mentioned in decibels). A quiet machine might produce between 25 to 27 dB of sound, anything above can be considered as a noisy Bipap machine.

Power requirements

BiPAP devices are manufactured to operate well on the standard 240 volts. But, in case of power fluctuations the BiPAP device can operate at 100 volts. Also, to counter the case of a complete power cut, many reputable brands include a backup battery along with it.

Length of the Hose

Hose increases the reach of the BiPAP device and allows the patient to be more comfortable to take turns while sleeping. Most brands provide connecting hoses that come with a length of six feet, which is enough and comfortable for most patients. In case if you want more than six feet, then there are hose extensions available as well.


This one is critical for patients who live in hilly areas in high altitude, where the air is thin. Therefore, a BiPAP device should be able to provide properly pressurized air. Most manufacturers mention the altitude in their product, where the altitude might vary between 5500 to 9000 feet.

Advanced features

Modern BiPAP machines come with multiple advanced features that are created to make the patient’s life easier. Some of them are as follows:

  • Alerts: The advanced BiPAP machine is capable of giving out alerts about any air leak(In the connective hose and breathing mask), when the mask slips out of position, or if the pressure is lost due to any power shortage or dead batteries. Many BiPAP machines alert via a beep sound and some come with LCD screens.
  • Sleep tracking: Advanced BiPAP machines come with inbuilt software that tracks your sleep patterns, respiration rates, and all the other metrics that are helpful in the treatment of sleep apnea. This data can be accessed and controlled via an app and interface control.


The average BiPAP machine may start from rs 1500 and go up to 20000-30000 as an upfront cost. This is an investment, therefore you should be very careful while choosing a BiPAP machine, as it directly impacts the health of the patient directly.


The next thing that you need to consider is the warranty period provided by the manufacturer in their BiPAP device. Always remember that the warranty period reflects the confidence of the manufacturer in their product.

Therefore, you should always select the BiPAP machine that comes with the longest warranty. A good BiPAP machine should come with a warranty of 3-4 years and some go up to even 5 years.