Best Baby High Chair in India – April, 2023

Best Baby High Chair In India – Buying Guide

The growing years of your baby call for some useful accessories and a high chair include one of them. A high-chair lets your baby sit comfortably during all the meal times so that he/she could eat them properly.

You need a baby high-chair when your little one reaches six-eight months of age.

As a parent, you are expected to take certain factors into consideration while choosing the right kind of baby high-chair for your little one. Here is a useful buying guide to help you make the best choice.

Look for a safety harness

The baby high-chair comprises a seat that further includes a safety harness so that you could harness your baby and prevent his fall, slipping, or moving off the chair. This important safety feature is a must-have in all the chairs.

You must as well check the material of the harness. It should be soft and must not irritate the skin of your little one. The harness should be made in a stretchable material.

Buy a high-chair that could be transitioned/modified

Some of the high-end models of a baby high chair can be adjusted according to the growing months of the baby. You may as well turn them into different seats and models such as a comfortable cradle, toddler booster, and others.

Buying this kind of a baby high-chair comes with a plus point as you can use it in the long run. Your baby may as well use this chair in his upcoming growth years.

Go with an easy-to-clean model

Feeding your little one on a baby high-back chair could be quite messy. The spilling of food may make the chair dirty. This is when you need to consider buying an easy-to-clean chair. You may invest in a wooden, metal, or plastic frame. Cleaning the chair should never be a mess.

Do not buy a recliner chair

The comfort of your little one is supremely important, and you must always check for a comfortable seat when shopping for a high chair. While many parents would want to buy a high-chair with a recliner for their little ones, experts call it a bad idea. This is because you wouldn’t be able to feed solid food properly to your baby in a recliner chair.

Foldable chair to make space

A foldable model of a baby high-rise chair makes a wise choice. You may fold the chair when not in use and make space in your room. A foldable chair ensures easy storage.

Check for a removable tray

A tray is an important part of a baby high-chair where you keep all the meals and make your little one feed. While some chairs have a fixed tray, other models come with a removable tray which lets you remove and adjust the tray at different heights so that your little one feels very comfortable sitting on the same. A removable tray also helps you clean it properly.

A second-hand product is a big no

Do not pick a second-hand product from the market. After all, the safety of your baby is of utmost importance.