Best Baby Bottle Warmers in India – March, 2023

Best Baby Bottle Warmers In India – Buying Guide

A baby bottle warmer is one of the important things that you should buy for your baby’s comfort. Imagine watching your baby cry and crib for his milk bottle while you are warming milk and sterilizing the bottle on the gas stove or induction? The role of a baby bottle warmer is to warm the bottle quickly and efficiently so that your little one could enjoy suckling warm milk from his bottle.

A baby bottle warmer is a must-have for all the parents. Here is a detailed buying guide that helps to choose you the best one from the market:

Know about the types of baby bottle warmer

As you start exploring the best leads of a bottle warmer, you would come across that it has many types. You may buy the right kind of bottle warmer depending upon your preference. Here are the common types of baby bottle warmers available at the stores:

  • Standard Bottle Warmer

A standard bottle warmer is the most basic version of a bottle warmer. This type of model is compatible with almost all kinds of bottles. The role of this bottle warmer is to warm the baby bottle and milk in less than 5 minutes.

  • Express Bottle Warmer

This is a more advanced version of a bottle warmer and it delivers an efficient and superior performance when compared to the former. You may find this warmer in different shapes and sizes.

  • Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

For all the parents who keep on traveling now and then, this is the best kind of bottle warmer to buy. These warmers use a battery that could be plugged into the car. Other models of this type may as well work like a thermos without using an energy source at all.

The mechanism of warming bottle

It is equally important to understand the overall mechanism of warming the bottle. Most of the models include two heating methods namely steam heat as well as a water bath.

Steam heat method of bottle warming makes the use of water to heat the bottle. The water gets converted into steam. In most of these models, the speed runs at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. A water bath baby bottle warmer comprises a water tank inside. Water is heated up that further warms the milk bottles.

Buying a water bath bottle warmer is highly recommended over the former because it depends upon a gradual heating mechanism and helps to save the milk proteins from getting destroyed.

Compatibility of the baby bottle warmer

The next point to consider while buying this device is its compatibility with the milk bottles. As a milk bottle could come in varied shapes and sizes, it is important to buy a warmer that could fit all kinds of the bottle perfectly inside the device. Buying a universal bottle warmer would help you warm all kinds of bottles despite their unique shape.

Buy a multi-capacity bottle warmer

The parents of twin babies specifically need to observe this factor while buying a bottle warmer. A device with multi-capacity makes sure that you could warm two bottles at a time, hence, feeding your twins properly. Such type of bottle warmers works efficiently but they may be a little pricier when compared to a single bottle warmer.

Choose a multipurpose device

Apart from looking for a multi-capacity bottle warmer, you must as well look for a multipurpose device. A baby bottle warmer is a device that helps to warm and sterilize the baby bottle and milk quickly so that your little one doesn’t have to keep waiting or feeling cranky while feeling famished.

Some of the baby bottle warmers are multipurpose in nature, meaning they could even heat baby food and sterilize pacifiers. A multipurpose baby bottle warmer includes a cooling option which may help you to cool down the bottle in case it has heated up very much. A multipurpose device always makes a good choice in the long run.

Get one with a temperature control feature

This is one of the most important features to consider when buying a bottle warmer. A device with a temperature control setting will let you warm it at the desired temperature for every feed. The advantage of a temperature control setting in a bottle warmer is that it ensures that the milk is heated uniformly.

While using a temperature control feature, you must understand a few things. Different bottles may take varied times to heat up. For example, a silicone bottle may not take the same time to heat up as a glass bottle. The same kind of logic goes with different types of milk. Cold breast milk would heat up faster when compared to frozen breast milk.

You may set the warmer at a different temperature setting to deal with different types of milk and bottle and heat them uniformly.

Auto shut off and sound alarm feature

These additional features in a baby’s bottle warmer may help you utilize the device more efficiently. The role of an auto shut off feature is to shut the device when it reaches the desired temperature set by you.

A sound alarm in this device would alert you about the heating of the milk upon reaching the desired temperature. You may shut off the device then and there. Experts recommend not to warm the milk at a temperature higher than 45 degrees Celsius as such temperature would break the proteins of the milk and make it less healthy to drink.

Apart from the above-listed considerations, there are other factors that you may check out while buying a baby bottle warmer:

  • Defrost function is an important feature especially when you pump your breast milk and store it in a freezer. This feature will help you heat up the frozen milk immediately.
  • Consider the size of the bottle warmer if you have small counter space. A small-sized bottle warmer may as well be placed in your bedroom.
  • Always buy a baby bottle warmer that is safe for heating breast milk.