Best Angle Grinder in India – May, 2023

Best Angle Grinders In India

An angle grinder is an important piece of equipment that is used at a variety of construction sites and workshop garages for welding and fabricating metal objects. The use of this tool is also popular for the operations such as cutting, polishing, sanding, sharpening, and many others.

An angle grinder machine is a useful object, and you might need it time and again to perform a majority of operations. This tool comprises a wheel or a sharp disc that could cut even the hardest of materials in seconds.

You can buy this machine from various online and offline platforms and take it into use to fulfill your required purposes. Buying an angle grinder machine cannot be a dry run. There are a few considerations that must be observed to score the best product from the market.

Here are the factors to consider when you look for a hand grinder machine online or offline:

Types of angle grinders

As an angle grinder is used to perform many operations, it could be divided into various types.

  • Electric Angle Grinders:

These are the most popular type of grinders that make the use of electricity to operate. It comes with a cord which requires to be plugged in. The regular supply of electricity could make it work remarkably for cutting, drilling, and sanding different materials.

Battery-Powered Angle Grinders:
These grinders include Ni-Cad or lithium-ion batteries. It means that they are portable grinders that can function without a cord. The batteries are long-lasting, and hence this tool stands out in terms of its performance compared to its competitors.

  • Pneumatic Angle Grinders

Pneumatic angle grinders make use of an air compressor and air pressure to operate. They are very powerful, because of which their use is widespread in cutting and sanding of the hardest materials. The only drawback of these grinders is that they are a little pricey when compared to the others.

  • Gas-Powered Angle Grinders:

Another cordless angle grinder that could be carried to places is gas-powered angle grinder. Experts call it the most powerful angle grinder that is competent to perform all kinds of difficult operations. Because of its potency and efficiency, a gas-powered angle grinder is heavy in size and a little expensive to maintain. We suggest you not use this grinder without wearing safety gear as it emits harmful gases.

Check the disc size of the angle grinder

The disc or wheel of the angle grinder is its primary component. The size of the disc matters a lot when you set out to buy this machine. It is because the disc size of the tool defines its frequency to operate.

A 7-inch disc in an angle grinder is considered a standard disc for all kinds of large-scale operations. If your project involves easy-going drilling, sanding, and cutting, buy an angle grinder with a 4-inch disc to fulfill the purpose.

Know the power consumption of the angle grinder

It is a necessary point to consider if you are buying an electric angle grinder. As this machine is used to perform all the heavy operations, it may consume a lot of electricity/power. But fret not as some brands have released an energy-efficient series of angle grinders. These grinders consume an average power between 750 W to 900 W. Hence it is a good idea to buy from such brands.

Inspect the safety feature

Using an angle grinder is no joke. This machine is used to carry out serious cutting and drilling operations, and you might hurt yourself while handling the same. Firstly, do not use this machine if you are not wearing proper safety gear. Secondly, you must understand all the safety-enhancing features as well as how to use this machine.

Some of the most vital safety features in an angle grinder machine include the following

  • A handguard in an angle grinder protects your hands from splinters and sparks upon using the machine. Some machines even include adjustable handguards that could be adjusted according to the comfort of your hands and the project that you are working on.
  • Always check the spindle lock of the machine. Using this feature, you can lock the disc and ward off the spindle from turning. This safety feature protects you from injuries even when you haven’t tightened the nuts of the disc.
  • A disc brake is another must-have safety feature in an angle grinder. The role of this feature is to pause or stop the disc from spinning. Using an angle grinder without a disc brake is a risky business, especially if you are working at a high speed.
  • Always buy a dust-sealed machine to protect the inside motor from getting damaged. The role of a dust seal is to clear away the dust from the device, hence increasing the life of the device. Some devices also come with a vacuum attachment and help to reduce the dust in the surroundings.

Test the speed of the machine

Speed of rotation per minute defines the frequency or speed of the angle grinder. Generally, a machine that takes in a small disc produces faster rotation compared to the larger models. However, it is not the only deciding factor of buying the best angle grinder. The speed or the RPM of the device depends upon your nature of work and skill of using the device. If you are buying a smaller metal grinder of about 4 inches, ensure that its speed extends up to 11000 RPM.

Buy a machine with a good-quality motor

Apart from the disc, a motor of the angle grinder also constitutes its important part. Make sure to check the motor of the device along with its features to make your angle grinder last long. A highly-efficient motor delivers a good performance.

Check if the angle grinder comprises a fan cooling system. It helps to cool down the machine, thereby preventing it from heating up excessively. The motor should include features such as air vents, and varnished bearings and coils.

Lastly, check if the manufacturer provides a warranty on the product. As you are spending your hard-earned money buying this machine, prefer buying it with a minimum warranty of 2-3 years. When you buy this device from a reputed brand such as Bosch, you not only enjoy a warranty but also get it at a reasonable price. Bosch grinder machine price starts from Rs. 2,000 only.