Best All in One Desktop in India – May, 2023

Best all in one Desktop in India – Buying Guide

With this constant development in the technological world, we now have redesigned desktop computers in the market.

Developers have made modifications in size, look, structure, performance, and internal features also. The flat shape and stylish look attract people. The new features help users do their work with more ease and with better performance.

There are a number of options available if you need the best all in one desktop in India. In this buyer’s guide for finding the best desktop computer in India, we will tell you everything you need to know before buying a desktop computer for you.

What do you mean by All-in-one Desktop Computer?

In an all-in-one desktop computer, all the things like several wires for connection, tower etc concealed in a single part, that is, monitor. Whereas in regular desktop models, all the parts are scattered and thus, create a mess. All-in-one computers are as compact as possible.

What to look for before buying the best desktop computer?

Before you spend your money on any desktop computer you find in the market, you should consider some points so that to find what is your type of best desktop. So, let us move towards knowing about some things you need to determine which one to buy.


It is one of the most essential things to consider while buying a desktop computer for you. You can get a desktop with 20 inches to display at a lower price which is quite suitable for cramped spaces. But as an ideal size, you should buy a desktop with a display size of at least 23 to 27 inches.

  • With this size of the display, you may get a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This resolution works perfectly. If you are planning to buy a larger screen size, then you can go with a larger resolution too. For multitasking people, a large screen size is better.
  • Choose IPS technology to get the best screen quality. The larger screen will allow the fonts to look bigger so it will be helpful for people with weak eyes.

RAM and storage

Most of the best desktops in India support DDR4 and DDR3 with a RAM of 4 GB. This RAM size is more than enough for your desktop to perform well. If you have to perform some really heavy tasks, then go for a higher RAM size. If you need a really smooth performance, then buy a desktop computer with 8 GB RAM or even more.

  • You should go with a desktop having free memory slots in it so that you can add to the RAM in the future, if needed. Some desktops have HDD for data storage while the new models have SSD for the same purpose. You can opt for a 1TB or 4 TB hard disk according to your use.

Processor and Graphics

When you will go to buy the best all in one desktop, you will find processors which will have lower cost like Intel Core i3 and Pentium CPU. But, these comparatively cheaper processors have low performance. So, we recommend you a strong processor like Quad Core Processor. It will give an incomparable performance.

  • All kinds of lifelike visuals which we see in videos or games require graphic processing. The processing hardware and integrated graphics that come along with the desktop processor make it all possible. It is sufficient for personal work and office work, watching videos, or web browsing.

Operating system

The choice of the best operating system is up to you only. Some people find it comfortable on Windows while others prefer Mac. Go only for the one you feel comfortable with. There is just one thing which you can consider while choosing the operating system. This is the fact that the touchscreen option only comes in Windows and not in Mac Operating System. So, use your preferences to choose between these two.


The designs of all in one desktop computers in India have all the parts of desktop computers enclosed in a minimalistic form. This all in one design has just one power cable for connection and reduces all the mess around the PC. This is the reason all in one PC in India are winning the race.

Ports in the desktop

When you go to purchase a desktop computer, look at a number of port options available. These options may include USB 3.0, USB-C, Thunderbolt or HDMI, etc. Desktops that have lower costs will not offer this many porting options. So, prefer the one which has multiple options.

Add-Ons like a mouse & keyboard

There used to be wired mouse as well as wired keyboards earlier with every desktop. But now as the technology has come forward, many desktop models are there in the market with wireless add-ons. It will reduce the wire mess around your PC

  • And, if you are fond of video games, then you can also go for a gaming mic and gaming keyboard.

Quality of Sound

Though in most of the models of all-in-one desktops, there are regular speakers which are quite good for watching videos and music. But if you prefer home theatre or additional speakers, you can go for them too. There will be more flexibility if you get a home theatre system. Also, if you are into gaming or want to watch movies with a cinema-like feeling, then go for additional speakers.


There are many reasons you should go for all-in-one desktop computers rather than the regular ones, despite the fact that they are expensive. But, all-in-one desktops are worth spending money on. So, carefully look for the features and price range. Compare it with other brands too and then choose the best desktop computer for you.

Final Words

Purchasing the all-in-one desktop in India requires a lot of thinking, budgeting, and discussions. So, we have given this buying guide to help you with the same. Go with the specifications you need on your desktop and you will be done with finding your perfect desktop computer. Refer to this guide if you face any difficulties in purchasing the best all-in-one desktop in India.