Best Air Fryers in India – May, 2023

Best Air Fryers – Buying Guide

An air fryer serves as the best option for all the food lovers who love gorging on their favorite food but are worried about the calorie intake. Too much consumption of oil leads to many problems such as an increase in cholesterol, heart problems, obesity, etc. An air fryer is a solution to all these problems. You don’t have to compromise on the quality and taste of food anymore. You can eat all your favorite fried food, but with a decreased amount of oil.

All the leading brands have released an air fryer featuring different specifications. You can choose from among these fryers and pick the best one to satiate all your cravings for fried food. A good-quality air fryer means durable equipment that can be used for the long term. Many brands extend a warranty on this electrical appliance.

You can buy the best air fryer on any budget you want. You are merely required to take care of a few points while looking for the same. Listed below is an easy buying guide that may help you buy the best air fryer in India:

What Are The Different Types Of Air Fryers?

Before buying any air fryer, it is important to know about the different types of equipment available in the market.

  • Basket Air Fryers:

The advantage of choosing this device is that it comes with different sizes of basket, big and small. If you want to fry a large amount of food, you can pick the larger basket and begin frying the food. Similarly, a small-sized basket helps you fry small quantities of food in the fryer.

  • Paddle Air Fryers:

If you are over conscious about your fitness and do not want to add too much oil while frying the food, make a paddle air fryer your preference. You can cook the most delicious delicacies without using too much oil in this fryer.

  • Manual Mode Fryer:

As the name suggests, this air fryer demands a little effort from you. You need to set everything on your own before frying the food. The timers as well as temperature control can be set using a knob.

  • Digital Mode Fryer:

The most standard version of the appliance where everything is done digitally, and you can fry all your snacks effortlessly.

  • Compact Air Fryer:

If you are not in a mood to invest too much in an air fryer or if you are a small family that it fried food once in a blue moon, this air fryer is a good option to bring home.

The above-listed air fryers vary in terms of features, size, and budget. Look into the specifications of each air fryer and buy the leading one suiting all your requirements.

Apart from choosing the kind of air fryer, you must as well take care of the capacity of the appliance. As stated, a compact air fryer makes the best option for a small family. You will find many small units having a capacity of 1-2 liters. A medium-sized unit comes with an overall capacity of 2-3 liters. A large-sized air fryer has an overall capacity of 5-6 liters. This unit makes the best choice for a large family. You can also look for an air fryer with twin baskets where you can fry your food on both baskets, thereby saving time.

Power Consumed By The Fryer

While buying any electrical appliance, you should always check its power consumption. If the appliance consumes too much power, it will add more units to your electricity. Consequently, you will have to pay an expensive bill every time you use your air fryer. An efficient air fryer consumes 1200-2100 W of power. Choosing an efficient device is highly suggested.

Cord length of the appliance is another important consideration to pay attention to while buying an air fryer. Electrical appliances with a smaller cord length are a big no. Look for a fryer with a longer cord. For example, a cord length of 1.5 meters makes an ideal choice. This factor also ensures the safety of the product.

Temperature Control Feature In The Air Fryer

Another remarkable feature that air fryers possess is temperature control. An air fryer has different temperature options that help you fry different varieties of food at different temperatures. Temperature control has been added so that you can perform multiple functions on your air fryer such as baking, frying, roasting, etc.

Your air fryer must include a minimum temperature setting of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum temperature setting could go up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. Different types of temperature settings can let you cook a variety of food items such as French fries, fritters, fried frozen food, roasted nuts, baked food, toast, samosa, and many others.

A knob is present in every air fryer that lets you control its temperature accordingly when you are using the device. All the upgraded versions of an air fryer comprise touch/pushbuttons instead of a temperature control knob for easy use.

Cleaning Your Air Fryer

Cleaning your appliance must not be a hassle. This is one important point to consider when looking for an air fryer. On average, all the air fryers are very easy to clean. You can use the traditional method of washing your fryer in a sink using liquid soap and a scrubber. Some of the air fryers are dishwasher safe as well. You can dismantle all its parts and put it into the dishwasher for a perfect cleaning.

Alongside this, you can also choose an appealing design of a fryer if you are very particular about the aesthetics. A good-looking air fryer is a perfect addition to your modular kitchen. All the top brands have released some of the most desirable designs of the air fryer and you can select the choicest one according to your taste.

You can buy the best air fryer from both the online as well as offline stores. The above-listed buying guide can help you select the best appliance for your kitchen. Bring this appliance home and don’t shy away from tasting your favorite fried food.