Best Acoustic Guitar Under 15000 in India – April, 2023

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Best Acoustic Guitars Under 15000 – Buying Guide

  • Cost of ownership

The first thing that you need to consider while purchasing a guitar is the Cost of ownership.

Keep the following things in mind:

  • Guitar Style

You can choose whatever style you like, just make sure that you feel comfortable while playing the guitar.

  • Build-Quality

The next thing that you need to consider is the build quality of the guitar. The build quality refers to material quality, in-hand feel, string quality, and consistency.

If you buy a cheap guitar, then there are chances that the build quality can be inconsistent because of low-quality material and workmanship.

It means that the guitar will go out of tune frequently and it will become harder to play because of the string being further away from the fretboard. Also, this increases the chances of the guitar getting broken due to lower build quality.

Consider the guitar as an investment because when you want to upgrade in the future, you can sell this guitar.

  • Brand

Buy the guitar from a reputable brand because they provide you better customer service with good build quality that lasts long.

Here’s the list of reputable guitar brands:

  • Gibson
  • Fender
  • Paul Reed and Smith
  • Ibanez
  • Jackson

These brands make one of the best acoustic guitars under 15000 in India and you should consider them.

Keep in mind that quality comes with a price and you have to pay a premium price for the brands for their quality workmanship.

However, if you do not have to budget to purchase a guitar from such brands, there are cheap versions available for these brands and you sound great too!

Some cheap options are Squire Jaguar, Squire Strastocaster, Yamaha Pacifica, Epiphone Firebird, etc.

  • Guitar lessons

Just buying a guitar is not enough, you need to learn to play it properly.

Guitar lessons are the thing that most people do not consider, and good guitar lessons are not cheap. You can expect a cost of around Rs 500 per lesson and the cost will increase according to the number of lessons you take.

But, consider this as an investment because if you are good at playing guitar then you can start as a guitar teacher and give lessons to beginners and start earning money.

Select the right Guitar Type

Guitars are available in two types, Electric guitar, and Acoustic guitar.

The main differentiating factor between both is the type of music they play.

Just ask yourself, what type of music you would like to play on the guitar?

If you want to play classical, folk, pretty music, then you should choose an acoustic guitar.

If you want to play rock, metal, punk music, then you should choose the electric guitar.

Therefore, choosing the right type of guitar depends on what kind of music you want to play on it.

In case if you are not sure about your type of music, then listen to the sound of both the acoustic and electric guitar. Choose the one that you like and would enjoy playing. Also, if you are a guitar enthusiast, then buy both.

Dimensions of the guitar

Once you have identified the right type of guitar for your music, then you should consider the size and shape of the guitar.

Now, guitars are available in different shapes and sizes.

Acoustic Guitar sizes

There are two sizes of acoustic guitars i.e. the “full size” and the “travel” size guitar.

Following are the common sizes for acoustic guitars:

  • Baby
  • Orchestra
  • Grand Auditorium
  • Dreadnaught
  • Jumbo/super jumbo

Now, you can select any size for an acoustic guitar that makes you feel comfortable to play.

Note: If you are an adult, then stay away from the ½ and ¾ size guitars, as these are small and recommended for kids.

Electric Guitar Sizes

Most electric guitars have the same size, but there are two different styles i.e. the solid body and the hollow body.

The hollow-body guitars are slightly larger than the solid body guitars.

The solid-body guitars are made using a single piece of wood, whereas the hollow-body guitars are hollowed from the inside.

Following are the common sizes of the electric guitars:

  • Stratocaster
  • Telecaster
  • Super Strat
  • Offset
  • Les Paul
  • SG
  • Flyer V
  • Explorer
  • Firebird
  • Semi-Hollow/Hollow Body

You can choose the type of electric guitar that you feel comfortable to play.

Where to buy the guitar from

Once you consider the cost, type, shape, and size of the guitar.

The next thing that you need to consider is to select the marketplace from which you can buy the guitar.

Buying a Guitar from Shop

Most people would prefer to buy the guitar from a shop, where they can touch and feel the guitar by themselves.

This is the most natural option to go for because you can put the guitar on, check the sound, and buy it right away. Good guitar stores have a huge variety available to choose from. But for the best discounts and lower prices nobody can beat online platforms.

Most metro cities have such stores, but in other parts of India, finding good guitar stores can be a struggle and there are chances that you won’t be able to find the guitar you want.

Buying the Guitar Online

If you live in a small town or a non-metro city, then you can consider buying a guitar online. Sites like Amazon, Flipkart have reputed sellers that will ship the best acoustic guitar under 15000 rupees.

But, keep in mind that you carefully check all the dimensions, and specifications of the guitar mentioned by the seller.  Also, check for the refund policy on the product, so that you can return it( in case you do not like the guitar).