Best AC Stabilizer in India – April, 2023

Best AC Stabilizer – Buying Guide

An air conditioner is one of the most common electrical appliances in Indian homes that save you from the scathing summer heat, hence keeping you cool and comfortable. As an air conditioner is a one-time purchase, it is essential to take care of all the elements that may increase its shelf life. A voltage stabilizer for AC is one such useful piece of equipment that you must bring home along with your air conditioner.

The role of any stabilizer for a home is to protect all your heavy electrical equipment from getting damaged because of the voltage fluctuations. A stabilizer for AC shall minimize the damage caused due to a fluctuation in voltage, thereby enhancing its performance and increasing its life.

If you live in an area that is prone to constant voltage fluctuations, buying a stabilizer shall be your need of the hour. Take care of the below-listed considerations to hunt down the best voltage stabilizer for your air conditioner:

Buy according to the size of the AC

The stabilizer that you are buying should complement the size of the air conditioner. A stabilizer for 1 ton AC should have a capacity of 3KVA. A higher KVA power of the stabilizer denotes that it could work well with the air conditioner of higher capacities. A voltage stabilizer for 1.5-ton AC should possess an overall capacity of 4KVA respectively.

Overload protection is a must-have feature

Whether you are buying it for an AC or any other electrical appliance, all the stabilizers for home must include an overload protection feature. All the leading brands include this feature in their devices. This feature switches off the supply of current in case of overloading or short circuit, hence preventing severe damages and accidents in your home.

Check for the time delay function

During the situation of an outage, the compressor of your air conditioner may need sufficient time to balance the flow of current. For this reason, we advise you always to buy a stabilizer that includes a time delay function. This feature will enable a time-lapse to further protect the compressor from any sort of damage.

Indicator display

An indicator display in a voltage stabilizer helps you monitor the fluctuation of the voltage in your home. All the stabilizers include this necessary feature. You may further pick one with an LED display to get better access while recording the rate of fluctuation.

Pay attention to the mounting of the stabilizer

Any voltage stabilizer for AC makes the use of high power and electricity in keeping your air conditioner protected against extreme voltage fluctuations. It may possess a risk of getting damaged if placed on the ground. Hence, we always suggest you buy a unit that could be mounted to the wall.

Lastly, know if the stabilizer that you are buying would suit the type of AC that you have at home. Some voltage stabilizers do not work with all kinds of ACs, and in this situation, you need to keep the type of your AC in the foremost consideration to choose the right model. Always buy a stabilizer from a reputed brand to ensure the smooth performance of your air conditioner. V Guard AC stabilizer stands out in terms of performance and efficiency.