Best 2.1 Speakers in India – May, 2023

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Listen to music from the best pc speaker on the market

Best PC Speakers (2.1 Speakers) – Buying Guide

Your desktop needs some good deal of accessories if you keep resorting to it now and then. Apart from helping you complete all your assignments and PPT presentations, you may entertain yourself on your PC with many other activities. Play your favorite movie or music on the weekend, or even switch to Netflix, and you are good to go. To make the most of these activities, you need one thing in common – good quality speakers.

PC speakers have witnessed a remarkable evolution. You may find the markets flooded with different types of speakers having various features and varied utility. Here is a quick buying guide using which you could buy the best PC speakers in India and utilize them to the optimum.

Types Of PC Speakers

Gone are the days where the PC speakers would stick themselves to a traditional appearance, features, and functions. You may come across the following types of PC speakers to make the most-suited choice:

  • 2.0 Speakers:

They are the most basic version of speakers. 2.0 Speakers are two units in number that come with a compact design and decent sound quality. If you don’t use your desktop very frequently, you may buy this accessory for your PC and utilize it when needed. It is not a fine choice for ardent music lovers.

  • 2.1 Speakers:

They are the best choice for all the music maniacs who keep on shuffling their playlists while working on the PC. This pair of speakers comprise a subwoofer for an increased sound into your room. A subwoofer gives a remarkable bass response to the music that you play. Another variant of a 2.1 speaker, the stereo system, doesn’t include a subwoofer. Hence, even if you are falling short of space, you may bring the latter home and enjoy listening to your favorite music.

  • 5.1 Speakers:

Make this set of speakers your preference if you are a gaming enthusiast. You may as well buy it for your non-stop movie or Netflix sessions. The sound quality delivered by 5.1 speakers is superior to 2.0 and 2.1 channel speakers. Some of them even include a subwoofer and make an ideal choice for large spaces. The surround sound produced by these speakers wouldn’t ever let you compromise with your gaming or movie time. Many brands have released the 5.1 speakers to include them in your buying list.

  • 7.1 Speakers:

They make the most superior choice when it comes to surround speaker systems. The sound produced by 7.1 speakers is unmatchable. They are the best that you would want to bring home for a theatrical experience. As the audio quality of such speakers is impressive and superior, they may cost you a little more than the other variants.

  • Portable Speakers:

For those of you who keep on changing the position of the speakers now and then, buying a portable speaker makes a wise choice. These speakers are small stereo systems that are backed by USB. Hence, they could be connected to other devices as well. You may connect such speakers with your MP3 player or Laptop and enjoy listening to music. The audio quality of such speakers is decent.

  • Wireless Speakers:

One of the finest introductions in the world of gadgets and technology is wireless speakers. Messy and tangled wires are often an issue for many people upon setting up their speakers to a device like a desktop or PC. Wireless speakers do not bother you with such installation. They are available in two forms, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The factor of hassle-free connectivity of such speakers has made them the most popular in the market.

Number of inputs in the speaker

You might overlook this factor; however, checking the number of inputs present in the speakers would serve you for good. A speaker with a single audio connection will give you a restricted use as opposed to the one with multiple connections. Using the latter, you may end up connecting this accessory with multiple devices. A second audio-input jack is always welcome and a must-check feature in your speakers.

Audio Quality

As your sole purpose of buying the best speakers is to get improved audio quality, checking it must be on the top of your list of considerations. 5.1 speakers stand out in terms of audio quality and deliver crisp and clear sound without any hissing or interruption. Even the best 2.1 speakers would fulfill the requirements of a smooth audio quality for the music lovers. Even you can combine them with home theater for the surrounding experience.

While checking the audio quality, consider the points such as powerful bass, clarity of background music, range or frequency of the sound, etc. The good audio quality of a speaker plays even the lowest quality sound files perfectly.

Test the functionality of the speakers

The functionality of the speaker is not a concern if you are buying a wireless device. However, if you are buying any other type of speaker, it is important to test its functionality.

Functionality refers to the compatibility of your speaker with multiple devices such as smartphones, computer systems, laptops, and even television. A functional speaker provides you maximum usability.

Check the personal controls available in the speaker

The most basic version of the speaker such as the 2.0 speaker doesn’t include any personal control. However, the more advanced versions of the speaker have this feature, and you must verify its presence for the utmost utility.

You would find a feature of volume control in many speakers, some of which even let you adjust the treble and bass level to fine-tune the sound produced according to the listening atmosphere. The control feature available in the speakers lets you manage or set the sound according to the atmosphere. Eventually, you may set a loud sound with a strong bass while partying and even bring it down to lower or more composed audio on all the other events.

The personal control feature in the speaker could be tamed or adjusted using a remote control or control pod.

Count the number of speakers

If you don’t want to buy a basis speaker system for your desktop, do not compromise with anything lesser than 5 or 7 speaker systems. A large number of speakers together produce a tremendous sound, enough to meet your requirements.

Having said that, the number of speakers that you want to bring home is entirely your call and you may choose it as per the need of the hour.

Other factors to check while buying a speaker include your room size, the appearance of the device, brand name, warranty, and your budget.